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  1. Help.. ive tried everything.. i purchased this tv. mainly for one reason it seemed alot easier to use then the xcontrol tv i had.. and people can all watch the same thing at the same time feature... the porn plays fine.. the tramp movies after purchase are fine, however i cannot get the free tv working nor the youtube videos.. ive tried everything possible.. anyone have any ideas.. ive contacted the seller and he hasnt gotten back to me as of yet.. thank you Bridee
  2. Hi.. very sorry to hear of your loss... i may be interested in purchasing your property.. please contact me in sl Briidee.. thank you : )
  3. hey guys.. i am very new to sl.. in fact a bit over a week old.. i am a premium member but decided i wanted a bigger home to decorate.. so i bought one and rented the land.. my neighbor was kind enough to help me for several hours rezzing the thing.. it was a mess.. anyway.. when i save the rez i know i saved a copy of the house configuration.. can anyone tell me in what folder it might be in.. tonight i make the mistake of clicking on my floor and it took several items away.. so now i have to delete whats there and re rez the house with this config.. any help would be so appreciated..
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