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  1. how do i access the clipboard in firestorm so i can copy a uuid
  2. im reporting some people abusing others in a adult sim called big bang island and im helping the staff in the sim to have these people leave and they reported me of using non scripts please don't ban me from sl ------- now they left the sim
  3. how do i read any saved messages using firestorm.... and there is a false user taking other users accounts [23:35] Sol Black Eyes Enigmata (solangemg): http://marketplacesecondlife03f56sr.my3gb.com/store 1383054673/secondlife.htm
  4. i signed on today arond 4:00 pm and right away i got protest signs saying [17:21] darklaycan Resident shouts: I AM A MEMBER OF THE PATRIOTIC NIGRAS, YOU LINDENS CAN SUCK MY **bleep** **bleep**. ALSO, YIFF IN HELL FUR **bleep** and it keep repeating over and over and i never say that to anyone plus i cannot see my avatar please help
  5. i lost my group name DarcuLost after deactivating it and it was pulled from the list. and i had no chocie to make another one with the same name. how do i get it back please help
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