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  1. Just for your information, I don't rp in SL, but I do every day over e-mail/discord. This isn't an attitude either. It was said 'para rp is not real rp', I disagreed. So take your high horse and go have some rp fun in world.
  2. I know that, but is the land going to be abandoned? The way it sounds is that the land will go offline, which is a wholly different thing. Over the years I've read about people submitting support cases to access an offline sim to get their stuff back as the owner had neglected to pay tier so it went offline. In such a case items are not returned. That's why it got me wondering.
  3. I wonder what will happen to all the no copy items people have placed in their own homes when they take the old premium homes offline.
  4. 1) Snowland home 2) Treehouse 3) Steampunk 4) Underwater
  5. No. The 1000L bonus is a one time per account thing.
  6. Sounds like you hit lag, perhaps this happened when you were crossing regions? In that case it's best to wait it out instead of chosing to stand.
  7. There's already a thread about this: $229 a month does not make you special.
  8. Avastar is indeed recommendable for a newbie. I started out with it and have been making animations ever since. I strongly suggest you check out Medhue's youtube tutorials on how to make animations and the Blender Benders group has classes on making animations using avastar as well. These are free with tipping appreciated. You don't need to learn the Blender interface and what everything does. You only need to learn what you need to animate, and that isn't much or overly complicated.
  9. Had a look and I got the same feeling as you did. What stood out to me is that every single review went out of its way to bless the creator for being super helpful. That's very unlikely to happen albeit not impossible. You could contact the creator with any specific questions you have, and I can see how it would be difficult to provide a demo. Perhaps suggest the creator make a demo video on the things it does.
  10. The layout is so generic that one doesn't need to copy anyone to get to the same result.
  11. Nope, I did not. It's right there in your first post. So once again:
  12. Unfortunately this isn't a perfect world, so no incentive means low to no reviews.
  13. There's simply no incentive to write a review.
  14. What can be more easy than it being so automatic you don't need to go to the trouble to collect it?
  15. Unrestrained Report Raises Popular Paper. A B C D E
  16. Happily United Gremlins Eat Men. M E D I A
  17. Open up the world map and find a parcel that borders on water on at least one side. Zoom out and check how many adjoining spaces are water or if there are water ways. Once you found the perfect spot, buy it.
  18. Quake Under Ice Causes Kibble. L I M E S
  19. My apologies then for assuming. Join the in world group Blender Benders. They just started a new class to learn mesh. There's a class each weak for a total of I believe it's 54. The classes are free, tipping optional. Then there's the Builder's Brewery group, who also has a sim and classes.
  20. The pictures you are selling are random images found on google and put into a frame. Literally everyone with even a wee bit of knowledge can do the same, it's nothing special at all and will be incredibly hard to sell, especially at that high price. What would be more successful would be beautiful high quality pictures taken in world. Maybe even put an animated layer above them, so a dreary cemetery screen shot will have rain in front of it. Or a snowy wonderland screenshot will have falling snow. I wish you good luck.
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