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  1. Upon hearing of Maddy's "BillThePirate" hacking attempt, Leprekhaun (another script wizard) suggested the even more improbable avatar name of "RootBeerDrinkingLampshade", knowing full well Maddy would be compelled to create yet another account and avatar. I am living proof there's no such thing as free will.
  2. Nope, some of us are lucky enough to achieve perfection on the first go...
  3. Ya done good, Belinda. Your few minutes on the sliders have bested my years on them with Maddy and Snugs. I was able to relearn Wings 3D quickly enough to construct a rootbeer bottle sculpty yesterday. I few minutes in Photoshop to produce a texture and a few more minutes cutting a torus produced this... This may be as close to the real me as I'll ever get here.
  4. And, for those who don't know, BillThePirate is one of my alts. ETA: And I'm not happy at all with the forum's mangling my name into RootBeerDrinkinL ampshade.
  5. I've been playing an inebriated bottle of root beer for nearly two years. Although that's an easier deception to suss out than a male playing a female, it's just a matter of degree. Eventually someone may get upset. LL won't bat an eye. ;-).
  6. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Coby Foden wrote: Not a reply to anybody really, but... Urgent message to Linden Lab: We need last names back. Thank you. :smileyhappy: :matte-motes-big-grin: Coby, wouldn't that have resulted in (for example) ILIKEPIEPIEPIEPIEPIEPIEPIEPIEPI McMasters? ;-). Nobody would ever do that.
  7. LepreKhaun wrote: GavotteValentine wrote: I'm trying to create a water faucet so that it drips a group of X water particles each burst, pause for X seconds, then drip again. As far as I know it's not possible to do this with particle settings alone (_BURST_RATE and _BURST_PART_COUNT etc) because setting _BURST_PART_COUNT to say 20 will only cause all 20 particles to be stacked into 1 particle (no idea why it does this as it seems pointless to me) instead of a stream of 20 particles. So the only thing I can think of is to have _PART_COUNT set to 1 and _BURST_RATE set to 0, emit particles for
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