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  1. Firstable I don't see it as a game, more like a social network, and for me it's the best way to kill time at work.
  2. I am a Wolf and I am looking for a family.If you are interested IM me inworld. 
  3. I have a big liste of friends who like party and crazy fun, I wanna make it larger, we are always partying and sharing gifs and music and dance ....... Add me or contact me inworld for more info. 
  4. I just wanted to see if there are women in SL that are interested in a long-term, polygamous relationship. 
  5. Our place : Phobia Our group : Y.S.O 
  6. Y.S.O We are your worst nightmare. No rules, Break the laws, blow your mind. Flash mob and instant party. Weapon traffic, combat, street fighting and massive destruction, mercenary, hunting trolls and griefers. And much more... 
  7. Hello, So that's it :smileyhappy: , I'm looking for a mom :smileylol: ,if you are interresting contact me inworld thanks :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: 
  8. I never heard about that,I think is just drama
  9. Syo Emerald wrote: Stay away from drugs.
  10. angella123456789 wrote: heya everybody I need a private teacher who can teach me : how to do a role play (dance) ♡ how to be a profissionel escort ☆ how to build ¿ creation of clothes or avatars ty for reading that If you are interested by that just replay me here or send an IM (angella123456789) by Mimi Chan~♡ Hello,ah cool i can help with that i will contact you inwolrd .
  11. Try Ctrlalt viewer,it works very good with xp http://ctrlaltstudio.com/viewer
  12. Nostoll

    account recovery

    Go to https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ Make sure you are NOT logged in to any account. Use the guest email. Submit the ticket called "Reactivate old account". They may ask you about your date of birth and secret question to verify you are the owner. And if your account is verified is better to send a scan of the official document that you used.
  13. feel free to add or to contact me inworld
  14. i'm a part of an awsome group of friends it will be good if you join us
  15. Try to login the preview grid http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid
  16. it's not a booter at all,for me better use he viewer
  17. Happy, Happy New Year! We wish you all the best, Great work to reach your fondest goals, And when you’re done, sweet rest. We hope for your fulfillment, Contentment, peace and more, A brighter, better new year than You’ve ever had before. Happy New Year to you! May every great new day Bring you sweet surprises-- A happiness buffet. Happy New Year to you, And when the new year’s done, May the next year be even better, Full of pleasure, joy and fun. 
  18. Hello all :D I'm looking to adopt kids,i wanna rp as a dad ,just having fun and enjoying time :D and maybe join my familly :D 
  19. BPRDMermaid wrote: I try clicking to log in and play when this comes up.. http://i66.tinypic.com/5ai88g.jpg Help! What do I do? Try with a third party viewer. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
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