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  1. hi, i want to know what "publish my avatar in search listing" does. i mean its pretty obvious what it does, but when i have that unticked, i am still able to search myself. i got my friend to search me, and even then i still come up on search. i thought when unticked means i wont come up on search. is this the case for everyone? is it broken or does this feature do soemthing else.
  2. buy i am over 4 weeks old.. shouldnt i automatically be able to purchase more then 30 usd by now?
  3. there is a limit of 30 usd allowed on purchasing of lindens on my acc. can anyone tell me how to remove that limit. i would liek to buy more then 30 usd of linden a day. i am 4 weeks old.. shouldnt it automatically increase?
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