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  1. Just for info, LL have accepted no photo Id available. There was no cashing out involved at any point by the way. Presumably the amount of l$ to the account triggered some threshold. The case has been closed.
  2. i've no problem with the checks and procedures. Sure it could look like money laundering .. no issues with any of that. It's purely down to the Id etc.
  3. Oh indeed, but if course where there are t&c that can't be adhered to from another country you either don't offer the service or you cover that by modified t&cs. In this case it's a pity that there isn't a service offering that doesn't allow 'cashing in' of l$.
  4. yup, no problem with all of that. Just trying to stay in and comply when the criteria that are used can't always be met - suggests the need for better mechanisms generally - not just for SL.
  5. Quite! And even now, you don't need photo Id to open an account in the UK, you just need to show uk residency - which can be done in lots of different ways. Anyway, as I said originally, the account has not be used to cash in l$, it has received quite a lot of l$ for ingame items which is probably the real trigger.
  6. Hi, got an account that has been flagged for the US tax declaration stuff. I can't comply with the photo id requests, not in the US so no SSN, (LL can't validate a UK NI number anyway). Not using the account to transfer l$ to real money so hoping that might be a route. Support are, lets be kind and say, repetitive in following their script to ask for photo id. .. any suggestions on how to stop the account being put on hold? thanks.
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