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  1. I just realized what I did wrong. On the llRequestPermissions script, it was set to left hand and not left lower arm. Omg... Thank you for your help Rolig
  2. @Rolig Loon I have been doing. The multiple tests I've been running is to attach the object from my inventory and adjust to almost-perfection, including the rotation. I set it into the rezzer, and when I rez it, touch the object to attach and the same results. I have two scripts in the object, which is a Pose to play a specific animation and the request permissions to attach. Would it help to paste the scripts here?
  3. Hi. So I managed to get a bucket on the wall to rez a another bucket to attach to avatar, everything works but the positioning. When I touch the bucket rezzed, llRequestPermission dialog pops up, once accepted the rezzed object attaches to the avatar but doesn't attach correctly. It would be on the correct attachment point (left forearm) but the rotation won't change no matter how many tests or adjustments I run. Not sure quite what to do.
  4. Hi. Queenholme is looking to branch out and hire an event organiser and roleplay mentor(s). Queenholme holds 40 stalls in an open-air barn, holds monthly events in disciplines & regular riding lessons. The event organiser role will receive full training and support throughout the job. Roleplay mentors must be experienced in roleplay. So if you like teaching and would like to help others as a mentor/teacher, feel free to sign up. Because this is a roleplay and a community sim, there will be no pay. Carraige ride: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tame And W
  5. I'm looking for a texture artist to work on full perm tackset for Teegle Horse Avatar. I'll have the tackset ready and bought. There would be a bridle, reins, saddle and saddlepad. The saddle should ideally look like this, but blue thread instead of red: Price for job is negotiable, IM SweetheartLara Inworld.
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shaktar/90/127/23 Queenholme is hosting events for everyone of all ages! Yes, even if you do have hip problems or if you haven't started walking yet, there is fun for everyone. Do you love horses? These activites will be the one for you You won't need a horse, there will be a horse available. Sunday 8th July: Carriage Rides - 12pm SLT - 8pm BST - 3pm EST Riding Trail - 2pm SLT - 10pm BST - 5pm EST Monday 9th July: Dressage Workshop - 12pm SLT - 8pm BST - 3pm EST Tuesday 10th July: Beach Ride - 1pm SLT - 9PM BST -
  7. Why don't you all keep this topic clean? I am only looking for a stable hand to roleplay with my horses. I wouldn't want someone to use a noob avatar on a equestrian professional sim. Keep your minds out of the gutter and back where it belongs, not on this topic. We all pay to look nice, why would that have to be a problem when I would rather pay someone with a mesh body & head than someone with a standard system? If you're not going to apply, please get off this thread and put your dirty mind in a better place than this. Should be ashamed of yourselves. There is no **
  8. Ever wanted to get paid looking after horses? Now is your chance. There is only one position available. I am personally looking for a personal stablehand to take care of my two horses at an Equestrian Centre. They are not wearables, they are avatars aka Teegle. The individual: Have a good 6 months or more experience in roleplay. Have experience of 6 months with horses rl and/or sl. Not strict, must be laid back. Trustworthy, reliable and can use initiative Appearance must be updated to mesh & look decent. Must have good patience
  9. Hi! I'm Lara! I have a horse character called Jasmine, who is looking for a rider/mounted patrol officer for a police department. Experience isn't essential, however I will train you as my rider with everything you need/want to know. Jasmine: If you're interested, IM me inworld! SweetheartLara Resident
  10. I'm looking for a PD/SO to join as a K9. I have 1 Character K9 called Jay that is a great and experienced police dog - doesn't really need training. But will need an experienced handler... Because of his behavior. IM me or send me a notecard inworld if you're interested - SweetheartLara Resident.
  11. @LittleMe Jewell No, just the type to sell drugs and getting criminal record at the same time whilst keeping the sheriff department busy
  12. My name is Lara and I am looking for several keen roleplayers to join me, which consist of: Bad guys, cartel members, drug dealers, murderers. Over 18's to be hostages, (no adult/sexual roleplay - strictly clean and only to be used as hostage against sheriff's) Can you think of any more roles, or think you got an idea? The roleplay is based around drug shipments, holding hostages and leaving around clues. This is just the start of the roleplay as there is just one person playing along. IM SweetheartLara inworld
  13. Small photography business which started in 2015 and officially opened in May 2017 with the help of friends and family we were able to put this lovely store on the map. Discounts available ➔Owner & Photographer ℓαяα ѕσfια ωσℓf (sweetheartlara) -♥ Individual Photography (Profile picture) 100L$ per image 200L$ - 3 Image Package - Save 100L$ 400L$ - 5 Image Package - Save 100L$ ♥ Couple/Group Photography (for profile picture etc) 150L$ Per Image 400L$ - 3 Image Package - Save 50L$ 700L$ - 5 Image Package - Save 50L$ ♥ Landscape Photography
  14. ~ Prime Community and Recovery ~ Prime Community and recovery offer a recovery service for all of your marketplace and inworld needs. We especially offer Store & Office Rentals! Do you go through so many companies and you find yourself not being able to keep up with them? The Company You Keep, It Must Be Prime Recovery! We have adboards available too! Why not come and visit us? We offer a variety of stores, big and small. There's even a pub and a park nearby for those quiet moments out of your store. Please contact us! For any rental questions and if you would
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