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  1. That all makes sense, thanks for the info! I'll just try it out and see what happens. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, everybody! So 2 years ago my first account was terminated because of some payment issues with LL, though I'm over that now, so it's not the basis of this question. I randomly made this second life account to post on the forums, and I have no idea what birthday I put at the time (probably a ridiculous birth year like 1900), cause I didn't think I'd be using this account still. Now that it's been 2 years, I'd like to come back and have all proper information on this account. I just turned 18 the other day, though, so if I were to submit a ticket to have my age changed (with drivers liscense/passport proof), would I be banned for being underage when I had an account thats birthday said I wasn't? I'd preferably like to keep this account because chimiere is an alias i go by now, and I already have invested a bit of L's and money/time into this. If I'm unable to, I'll probably just have to make a new account, huh? Any and all feedback appreciated!
  3. Chimiere

    Unfair Termination?

    No, she did not receive an email, nor did she get an explanation. The only emails in her junk form Second Life, are group notices. She attempted resetting her password, and was having troubles so ticketed LL, and their response to her ticket was that her account was terminated. She asked why, and they said that the account is permanently terminated and not eligible for release, still not answering her question of what she did, So basically, no warning, no email, only a response to a ticket saying her account violated Second Life's ToS, but no clarification on what ToS was broken.
  4. Chimiere

    Unfair Termination?

    And another thing to add, I could link you all these products of pikachu and other pokemon, even with images from the show, where the sellers do not claim that they do not own Pikachu or pokemon, but yet they seem fine. Also how that product was added to the market place almost, if not, more than a year ago, how would it only take effect now, of all times? I'm just really confused by this whole ordeal..
  5. Chimiere

    Unfair Termination?

    Though, I am curious.. that has been up for a very long time, and Sears is just a play on spelling of her name? Why would it only effect her now? And there's a bunch of other market place stores where there's pictures of pokemon and such.
  6. Chimiere

    Unfair Termination?

    In repsonse to Lindal Kidd; She actually is trying to understand what is going on, I'm just asking questions to try and make sense of it while she attempts to clear up this mess. And maybe she is guilty, but it'd be best if LL actually stated what she was guilty for. She also may have done that (that being accidentally phished, though i doubt it), but let me ask you this. Why would somebody, who has spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on Lindens, and has a collection of avatars, and buildings, vehicles, texture mods, sculpts, etc etc, knowingly risk all that? Her avatars are her babies, and she's been teaching herself scripting, and sculpting, and wanted to build her own avatars. Why would she deliberately do something SO terrible, that her account and alts would be terminated?
  7. Chimiere

    Unfair Termination?

    EDIT TWO: It may seem that somehow, something on the account got refunded. I suppose there's nothing you can do about that.. you can't appeal an account restore as apparently hers is uneigible for it in this case. END EDIT. EDIT Seara asked them what rule she broke and why her account was closed, their response was: Thank you for your response. As stated in our previous message, this account is permanently closed and is not eligible for release.END EDIT Hello, everyone. It appears that a friend of mine, Seara Taurus, has had her account unfairly terminated. She woke up today, and tried logging in to the viewer, And for some reason it didn't work, so she decided to reset her password (since she was a bit worried). She could log in via the Second Life website, and all was fine. Though she was not aware that there was two ways to reset the password, one being while you're logged in, and the other being logged out and retrieving the password. She did not remember how the password retrieval worked, and was stuck on answering the "Secret Answer" and Naming the residents (she has maybe hundreds of people on her friends list, and can't remember everyone's account name, since she goes by display names). She was fairily flustered and submitted a ticket to LL asking if her account could be taken off hold so she could reset the password whilst logged in. This is the response she got: "Hello Seara Taurus, Thank you for contacting Linden Lab. After conducting a thorough review, Linden Lab has determined this account has violated the Second Life Terms of Service. Regretfully, we have determined this account and all alternate accounts will be permanently terminated. Regards, P----- S----- Linden Lab Support The entire Second Life terms of service can be found here: http://lindenlab.com/tos " She did nothing wrong, and she's never had a problem with LL before. Does anybody have any suggestions what she could do to redeem her account? Will all her items be gone? (She's invested hundreds of dollas into her account over the last 3 and a half years, and she's basically bawling her eyes out at just the thought of it all being gone). Thank you all for reading, and I really hope this gets resolved...
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