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  1. Here's a short update to my earlier post about the SL browser closing at the 'initializing VFS' spot. I pulled out my older laptop, a really good old Dell that I used for a long time. It's in very good condition, but it uses xp, so I replaced it a couple years ago. I installed the new SL browser that some of us are having problems with. It had exactly the same problem: it closes at 'initializing VFS'. It never had any SL browser or a third party browser on it before. After that failed I was wondering if Firestorm would work on that older laptop and it did, but that laptop isnt very fast and the framerate isnt good enough to actually use if I want to leave my house and move around in our world. I think this is interesting, because its 2 different computers with different versions of Windows, with different graphics processors...both Nvidia, btw. I don't know if this will be any help to the tech people or other users like me that are reading the forum. I still can't get the new browser update to run on my PC that I have been using for SL, but I have been using Firestorm. It seems like its about the same framerate as the SL browser...usually about 22 to 40 if it's not a busy area. I'm getting used to it and I can see that it has some nice features, but I honestly like the SL browser more. For me its just easier to use and feels more friendly and maybe a little more modern. I've seen the post about a work around posted by Nalates. Thank you for writing and posting that. I'll try that when I feel brave.
  2. I've had the same problem. I was using the SL viewer for a few hours yesterday. I went off and when i came back on, I was given the new viewer by LL in a download. When I tried to open it, it just closed down while the message: "Initializing VFS" was showing. I tried so many things to get the viewer to open, including deleting and reinstalling it, manually cleaning the cache, and completely deleting everything, including hidden files. I did live chat with Linden support and basically was told to do all the things I'd already tried and I did them again, with the tech support person. I downloaded and updated my video driver for nvidia after I was asked to do that by LL support. It didn't help. BTW, everything else I do on my pc was working normally and as I've said above, the SL viewer had worked normally that morning. I asked the support person if anyone else was having this problem with the browser update and I was told, no, you are the first. Obviously, this is a problem with the update and not a sudden problem with my pc. It's not just some dumb coincidence for all of the people with this sudden problem as soon as the update was sent out. I'm not happy that I spent hours trying to fix this. It was very stressful and I don't believe that it has anything to do with my pc at all. I still can't get the SL viewer to work, but the good news is that I tried the Phoenix viewer for the first time and it works. I'd rather use the SL viewer because I'm used to it and I have a Premium account that includes support. But that support failed. If Linden Labs fixes this, I'd probably go back to the SL viewer, but I'm using Phoenix for now...once actually so far, and it's very much the same, just more complicated. Without it, I'd be cut off from my SL friends and my nice house on the Mainland.
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