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  1. After a few years being away I'd like to make of SL my home and business investment again. 

    I am looking for a good business to invest in, that has a lot of potential for growth, fun, challenging and that appeals for me to work with every day.  for example, it could be:

    * CLUBS





    I would be willing to invest a very good amount of LINDEN into it and that we can discuss in private if you are interested. I want to be able to turn that invest back into profits right away though,  So I would need for you to show me a good plan of your business and how it has been working so far. I do have experience in managing businesses in SL if you wonder, but that was a couple of years ago. I need to get back on track with a few learning tools here but I am a fast learner so that won't be a problem.


    Looking forward to hearing some interesting propositions :-) cheers!!

    please do leave your replies here with your name and I will contact you inworld. thanks.


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  2. Hello, 

    I am just coming back to SL after 3 years and need a huge update on my avatar as I am looking to work as a dancer. I need someone who can help me find the best mesh and look for my avatar. I will pay a reasonable amount. I already found a bento head just need step by step help with all the rest at a convenient time for both of us. 

    please contact me asap if you can help. thanks

  3. Back to sl after 3 yrs need help redoing avatar look completely will pay to help with step by step assistance. Already know what I want with the head look need advice with all the rest. Contact me with your proposals and time frame 

    Note : I'm western Eu time

    Thank you

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