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  1. The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge has been expanded this year to contain dual tracks that address the world’s reaction to COVID-19 in addition to Climate Change — two pressing issues that have the power to compromise our health, our planet, and our survival. You can find more details on the official Challenge page. COVID-19: In a very short period of time, COVID-19 has revealed the limits of the systems we take for granted. The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge arms developers, visionaries, and problem solvers with resources to build open source technology solutions that address three main areas: crisis communication during an emergency, ways to improve remote learning, and how to inspire cooperative local communities. Notably, this track excludes medical, vaccine, research, and other deeply scientific topics around the Coronavirus itself. https://callforcode.org/challenge/ please help contain this kind of stuff: https://gyazo.com/85e48cd1a84a7d60462f55938ae1509a
  2. *sighs* they already have a working free form name system, First AND Last, on Sansar!!
  3. it says "Name Changes will be exclusively for Premium members at an additional fee. Changing one or both of your First and Last Name will be available as a single transaction. Last Names will be picked from a list, which you can help us curate.", why not use the Sansar naming convention, I gave my name as "Sai Jinhua" which is what I wanted when I joined SL?
  4. a Google [search terms "psychology" hide groups second life] search shows: and the URL listed: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/374687-why-a-guy-would-play-as-a-girl-in-sl/ comes back with a message: what components of "Second Life Community" require special permissions to view?
  5. What does this colored band mean?  I have removed the references to the Resident, Thanks :-)
  6. Slowly..., VERY slowly entering data manually and came across Linden Lab Official:Inventory API Has anybody used these functions and how? Thanks!
  7. SaiJinhua wrote: I have opened a feature request " Enable Ability To Download Purchase History from Marketplace". In the meantime I will proceed to invest 15 minutes a day entering my 90+ pages manually. Thanks for all the responses. Here is the Marketplace table in the SLinventory database (MySQL). Suggestions on naming standards are appreciated :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: 
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: CheriColette wrote: Thanks for clearing that up Pamela. Another place to find purchases is in your history (on MP), Sai. There it keeps records going back years. But that takes forever to scroll through. Perhaps a JIRA is in order, "Enable Ability To Download Purchase History," is needed. I doubt it would fly because how many people would actually use it. And there are other things we'd much rather they work on first. I have opened a feature request "Enable Ability To Download Purchase History from Marketplace". In the meantime I will proceed to invest 15 minutes a day entering my 90+ pages manually. Thanks for all the responses.
  9. Pamela Galli wrote: Yes, that is only for orders You have sold on marketplace. I guess she must have meant for stuff she has bought, and I don't know of any way to download that. Yes CheriColette and Pamela, that is precisely what I would like to do with my purchases..., categorize, tag, sort by dates, etc. Once an SQL database has been setup you can easily do these things. If you are a newcomer to SL, if properly instructed you could do these things with just a little extra work and in my case it's a big job to do the data entry.
  10. Pamela Galli wrote: Go to the Merchant page > Reports > Orders and you can download a CSV into a spreadsheet. Thank you Pamela, I should have been more explicit that I was referring to https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders, that I want to download.
  11. I was sailing in the Zindra Sea and came across a parcel on the water that caught my attention. When I tried to walk in I got that message. It was the first time I ever got a message "Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way." I have a sim in Zindra as well so was wondering why that was?
  12. I would like to download the Marketplace History and put it into a spreadsheet or better yet a SQL database. The challenge is 90 pages of transactions on MP. I bought a program that very clearly stated that it would NOT download SL objects in inventory (some Linden restriction after the product was developed) however my interest was only to save me the work of copy/paste the object name externaly and did not serve my purposes. In light that there is no way to do this by way of Linden tools, I tried using Acrobat X to create a PDF from a website and Linden will not allow that either. Short of going to each page and copy/paste each transaction manually, I see no other alternatives. Opinions and Ideas would be most welcome!
  13. I have seen group names with leading space and the effect is to show up at the top of your groups. Pretty cunning because it ends up always "in your face". If Linden is making the changes across the board, then it seems fair to me.
  14. entity0x wrote: [...snip...] C# is then, that way any time I spend learning something (valuable time as I get older, lol) can be used in either platform, and that makes me happy. [...snip...] Am I to understand we can run C# inworld today? If so how? Thanks
  15. The good news is that it focused on the Enable / Disable. I enabled and changed the Hot Key combo to Ctrl-Alt-1 and that allowed me to use the appropriate combo. Then after this success I went back and Disabled the Hot Keys and it still worked as expected. Thank you for the information.
  16. Happy New Year to all...!! Unfortunately this solution didn't work for me :matte-motes-frown: 
  17. Very nice focus work...!!
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