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  1. Does all LL need is the w8ben form and your ID picture from your country? Thanks
  2. I thought I should be ok when I read that link but when read some more at forum I feel confusing, because some at forum here get email from LL for cash out very little money. I worry I get the money on hold and SL account closed but I don't know where to ask for help if bad happened
  3. "at a certain transaction level"? So it is just base on LL? Can anyone answer me the other questions? I just want to make sure what to do when it happen to me, I worry I reply them late and get my SL account on hold or closed.
  4. First, sorry about my poor English, I had read many about this tax thing but still confusing, please help. I have some Linden in my account for many years and want to cash out today for some reasons, this is my first time to sell L, lucky that I check here before sell it, some say if get letter from Linden Labs and don't reply in 30 days they will close your account. This is horrible! So I want to make sure before I do the cash out. I am a non-U.S. residents, all $L in my account is below US$100. My questions are: 1) Does everyone get ask to fill in the W-9 or W-8BEN when cash out Linden (no
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