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  1. Thanks for the information everyone. Bobbie, do you still teach roleplaying classes in world?
  2. Hi everyone, I've been in secondlife for a while, I was thinking of trying out roleplaying again. I have played a little bit of roleplay, but it was very free form and I didn't really have the time to develop my character. I was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips on equitte,roleplaying styles, character creation, combat, and stats. I really like medieval fantasy roleplay, and playing as other creations such as nymphs,elves,mermaids,dragons,demons,dark elves, etc. I could really use some recommendations for good fantasy roleplaying sims and communities.
  3. Is it textured clothing or is it mesh? If it's textured you need to clear your cache.
  4. Hi everyone, I am a new skin creator at secondlife. I decided to start making skins in secondlife because I don't like a lot of the current styles of skins offered. Most look to young, pouty, and they don't have the level of realism I want. I tried texturing photoshop alone, with photos from 3dks but I dont really like the workflow, because I can't see the detail I would see if the model were in 3d. I tried Zbrush's Zapplink and Spotlight, but I'm not really sure if that method is the best because I keep destorting the texture try to match it with the UV. I heard good reviews about Mudbox, and how it's superior in texturing compared to Zbrush. I would like to hear your experiences with both programs and what is better for making textures for Secondlife. Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm rather new to singing in realife and I feel rather uncomfortable singing in public. I get terrible stage fright and anxiety.I met a friend quite reccently who introduced me to karaoke in secondlife and It's something I would really like to try. I think it would be a great way to become more comfortable with people listening to my voice. I hope one day to do live shows and concerts. The problem is, that the microphone I currently have isn't great for singing. I can skype and voice chat with it, but when I want to sing louder or higher it sounds terrible. I was wondering what type of microphone would be great for streaming on sl, and I want to know what else is needed for streaming? I'm a college student, and I don't have large budget. I can't afford anything really expensive that many proffesional vocalist use on here. I'm looking for something around 50$-200$.
  6. Cool, ty for the info. I'll check out some videos today.
  7. I was worried this would happen. I was really curious why a lot of builders don't use sketch up because it's a lot easier to use. Unfortunately, I don't know a lot about blender to do all of that, so I'll learn how to use blender instead.
  8. Hey everyone. I was wondering If I could import my sketch up creations to secondlife, such as buildings and furniture. Is it possible to import my creations to blender, edit them there, and upload them inworld?
  9. Hi everyone, does anyone know where I could find a basic tutorial for marvelous designer? I was going to take a course at Ditko University on how to use it, but sadly it's closed. Does anyone know another place that offers free lessons on how to use it, or know a good tutorial that teaches how to make simple clothes, how to rig them, and how to export them to secondlife. I would be very thankful if someone could help me :).
  10. Hi MzEBankz, I'm looking for an sl Fam too. Music videos sound like a lot of fun, I love to hangout or chat. Feel free to drop me an IM. See you later.
  11. Hi my name is Vesper, I recently came back from a long break and I've created a new account. I'm twenty one year's old and in college.I'm shy at first, but I'm very friendly once you get to know me. I'm very sensitive and a great listener.I love to help people, especially people who are new or need fashion advice. I enjoy building and photography. I really love expressing my creativity on secondlife, I think it's a great place to let my imagination run wild. I simply adore fashion and shopping. Another passion of mine is role-playing. I love creating a good story with friends and seeing how it would unfold. I secondlife is ment be shared with amazing and unique people. I think the people you meet on here really make the experience. I would one day like to be apart of an secondlife family. My avatar is in her late teens, she is about 18yrs old, it would be great if I could have parents or a few close siblings. Especially a sister, since I don't have one in real life. Feel free to drop me an IM. I would love to chat or hangout. See you in world, Vesper.
  12. Hi Winter, I just came back from rather long break from secondlife, and sadly I'm in a similar situation. I find its not so easy to meet friends on sl anymore, or at least people who I can relate too. I would to chat, maybe even hangout. If you need someone to talk to just send me an IM.
  13. Hi there Fox, welcome to secondlife, I hope your having fun. I recently rejoined sl and I like helping new people. If you need anyone to show you the ropes just drop me an IM. I'll be more than happy to help you.
  14. Welcome to secondlife! I hope you're enjoying it. I recently rejoined sl, and i'm looking for new friends. We have a lot of similar interests and i'll think we would have a lot of fun. Feel free to IM me.
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