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  1. Totally agree! it was really a lovely place to hang for a couple days I will miss it dearly!
  2. As much as I absolutely ADORE this property, and as thankful as I am to have caught it after @karynmaria posted about releasing it the other night, I have to let it go. It's time to get real with myself about the number of premium accounts I can truly afford to maintain...….which is ONE. So, I will be releasing this incredible traditional on a sandy beach plot at 3:30SLT...and ending my participation in the Game of Homes. I am blessed with an amazing waterfront Vic and an incredible mainland plot that I can afford with my premium stipend. Wishing you all the best in the pursuit of your dream Linden Home.
  3. @YamilaEnid Fell asleep last night before I released this beauty...sorry about that! Logging in now to release
  4. In other news...did anyone else notice that this thread has just passed over a HALF MILLION views?? 😱 Ok, carry on, homehunters
  5. What a breathtaking woodland setting!
  6. Lovely! I recently tossed back a camper that was beachfront in a small community of other trailers. If not for prim, I may have kept it.
  7. This is my dream Linden Home. I caught this in the middle of the night almost two weeks ago. From what I can gather, this region was released sometime in December. Not sure why someone let it go, but I'm very thankful they did. It is my forever Linden Home. Corner lot (on a dead end) Waterfront, front & back Basically on an island Less than 20 residents in the area
  8. Just let mine go! Good luck, hunters ANDDDDD it's gone in one second. Wow!
  9. You are so right, @Nika Talaj! I just got this one (lavender) across from a pond, adjacent to a park, and basically on a lot to itself. Snagged two in the released region, but wasn't in love with them, so I tossed them back for others to enjoy. Keep hunting, your dream home is out there! I will be releasing this one in Beneline...in the words of our mayor Patch Linden...soonish™
  10. Trust: I was scared to death to leave Brightchurch. It was a lovely plot, as well, and a wonderful neighborhood. Lots of fun today playing chicken with a train (a story for another time lol). I will miss it, but I am so happy to finally be right on the water!
  11. So, remember when I said "my search is finally over,"...ONE day ago?! *giggle* I stumbled across this stunning waterfront property tonight and just HAD to spin the wheel...one mo' time. I am *mostly* sure this time that my search is over. Edit: I don't know why I didn't think to snap a shot from across the water. The second pic is a much better view of the parcel. I really couldn't be happier with this new-to-me home. ❤️
  12. I do not know WHO that I have to thank for releasing this stunning Victorian plot, but...….a tearful thank you. My search is finally over. Happy hunting, all! xoxo
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