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  1. "Would you kneel in front of me? And would you wear a collar? Because I have no self-respect, and no self-esteem, and I am afraid, that you would have other Mommas, too." Really? That is a rather judgemental thing to say about someones lifestyle choice. Just because people may take the lead and others may give up control in no way means they have no self respect, self esteem or that they are "afraid" someone will take their sub away. It is readily apparent that you really have no concept at all of what the lifestyle you are bashing is about, due to your lack of knowledge and/or immature thought process. It takes a great deal of respect and esteem to actually take care of another human being or to honestly submit to another. However, to many in SL are just pretending and while I don't agree with the whole Sugar Momma/Daddy relationship myself, the D/s area you are so callously trying to thow hate at is a totally different thing. You come across as a bitter, jaded person that perhaps had a bad experience somewhere along the line, either that or you are just an overall "holier than thou" type person that can't find happiness unless they are bringing others down.
  2. You know, the whole, the sub should have to "prove" they are worthy and be grateful if a Dominant wants them is so wrong. Ever think perhaps a Dominant should "prove" they are worthy of the sub as well and that maybe the Dominant should be grateful the sub they like wants them to? What does the Dominant have to offer the sub?? It is a two way street, not a one lane highway for Gods sakes. A sub does not "exist" simply to make a Dominants life easier and happier, it is part of what they enjoy doing yes, but to be honest a Dominant is supposed to do the same for their sub. It is their job to take care of the sub, love the sub, teach the sub, guide the sub, not just sit back and take, take, take and give nothing in return.
  3. Oh please, you don't pay for a home for your slaves, you have the home because you want the home and now you can't afford it so you are trying to rip off other people so you can live in the home YOU chose to rent. For Gods sakes, you do realize how utterly ridiculous you sound and how any value or credability you may have had as a supposed Dominant just hit rock bottom. lol But thank you for the laugh.
  4. "Your Master can be a friend, but her or she is not your friend. Find a friend when you want to chat about things friends talk about." What the h*ll are you talking about? If a sub can't sit and have a normal conversation with their Master like they would a friend then they are with the wrong person. And the "don't approach anyone let them approach you" aspect doesn't work all the time either. Good Lord. No wonder subs are always distressed and look lost, recieving crap advice like that.
  5. Omg I laughed so loud it scared my cat. lol
  6. Hands down the Nemo from Aeros. best looking p*nis on the grind and the only one I would want to...well...never mind. Just get an Aeros, the girls or guys will thank you for it. lol
  7. Click your collar, when the menu opens click on the Access tab, then click Reset All. If that does not work, go into edit on your collar, go to build, scroll down to where it says scripts and hit Reset Scripts.
  8. Blinks Wait...you're being serious...well h*ll.
  9. Oh for Gods sakes people, boobs, butts, height, head size, whatever, none of it matters. If they are on an adult sim then they obviously are adult or are smarter than most adults and figured out how to beat the system and have probably been doing it for a long time. The whole being paranoid someone is an actual kid was a lot less worse back before LL let the rug rats in legally. Also, if someone boots you off their sim, out of their club or space, who cares, it is their place, their rules, get over it. If you run around looking like a kid in adult areas you deserve what you get, end of story. I mean, it is creepy as h*ll and laughable to see someone that looks like a 12 year old that dressed like hooker, that only comes up to their "Masters" waist, leashed to his crotch and sucking on a pacifier, with plugs hanging from god knows which hole and breasts (that don't even match the skin tone properly usually) that could poke an eye out a mile away and an a*s that could suffocate a man at fifty paces screaming how unfair it is to be treated differently...look in the mirror for Gods sakes your a joke and then actually go GROW UP. Between that and the trout mouth, rode a horse wide thigh trucker hooker look going around I am amazed anyone leaves their homes anymore, the ugly trend has taken over SL.
  10. I have never seen the yellow pyramids, but I get little yellow rubber ducks when mesh doesn't load right for me. lol I wonder why people don't always see the same things. Anyway, no one else ever see's the yellow rubber ducks when I do, I tried to take a photo using SL snapshot feature, it doesn't capture them either, however, if you hold down control and hit print screen then paste it into photoshop or paint.net they do show up. Weird and creepy if you ask me. lol
  11. I have more alts than most people have grains of rice with their Chinese food. lol Just make an email for each individual account, helps keep things nice and streamlined. Each of my alts are different in personality and looks, yet all are inherently parts of me. Not sure if that means I have multiple personality disorder or what, but there you have it. lol My current main account owns and operates a fairly well known store in SL, so she is kept strictly for business, I have an alt I use for accounting purposes, a couple of alts I use for photography, setting animations, etc. for the store as well. You know how sometims you see adds with like six or more avatars upon whatever the item is? Yeah, I use alts for that and yes I can run up to 10 avatars at once, pain in the a** but I do it. Easier than paying people and having to deal with telling them where to stand, how to look, getting everyone online at the same time, etc. I have some alts that do the naughty stuff, some that have major RP bio's in some large RP communities as well and I have both male and female avatars (though I am female in RL), also have a few furry ones, robotic ones, fetish ones and some I made specifically because I thought of a name I liked and wanted to claim it in case I choose to play on it at a later date, like this avatar I am writing with now, I just liked the name. SL is about having fun and being who and what you want to be. As long as your not hurting anyone else it shouldn't matter if you have one avatar or 100 avatars, just constantly remind yourself that the people behind the avatars are real, they deserve to be treated kindly and always put forth an effort to not treat anyone in a way you wouldn't want to be treated yourself.
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