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  1. Yeah, that makes sense. I'll look into the AO maps and test out the difference, thanks
  2. Haha, it will take a while to get used to.
  3. Cool, thank you MistahMoose, I made the retopo, baked the normal map (according to ) and took it into SL to try it out.Next step texture, or would I add a specular map? I'll be focusing on clothing and attachments for now and don't see the point of an AO. When is a good time to rig and weightpaint, considering this may result in minor changes to the actual mesh? I would think it would be a good idea to do this after the retopo and baking of a normal map.
  4. LOL, I've made a couple of high poly models, that's the point. The modelling part is simple enough. I want to know what to do next and what order works best. As I've said, I've already taken a model into SL that came out as I wanted. I shared a screenshot with the Blender Avastar group and was told I should avoid the high polycount by using normal maps. An idea I like. I'm a conceptual learner, haha, I like planning and structure. Repeating the same thing again does not appeal to me. I'd appreciate some help with these questions or pointing me to where I can answer them for myself. I tried Google and have found many tutorials, but nothing that quite answers how these link together.
  5. I've understood the basics of using Blender in regards to the interface and general modelling from a few tutorials and find this fine. But I have a few questions as to what happens after and would appreciate some help. I'm using Blender 2.70 with Avastar to create clothes. So far this is the order in which I'm going as I understand, and have tried out: model the item, rig it, weight paint it, UV unwrap it and texture it. I managed to get a tshirt into SL that worked as I expected but using the viewer's own LOD settings. Then I wanted to create creases and ran into a few problems and confusion, suggestions including normal maps for the creases and also learning about creating different LOD versions (3?). I've been through normal map tutorials and understand the benefit in using them, however it is incorporating this aspect with creating LOD versions that I'm finding confusing. Say I am making a tshirt, these are my questions: 1. I begin with a basic tshirt model, create 3 different versions, each with more detail (it makes more sense for me to go from low to high, I've tried it the other way around and experienced issues). What does that mean? How much of a change do I get away with? From what I understood, I can subdivide and rearrange vertices for a smoother model. However this leads onto my next questions. 2. When it comes to sculpting creases in, should I only apply these to the highest LOD version using the normal map procedure? Or do I apply the normal map to every LOD version? 3. I assume I then go ahead and rig them, after which I weightpaint. Will my creases not be affected by weightpainting? Do I have to weightpaint each LOD version? 4. UV unwrapping would follow this. I have read to start with the low LOD version and unwrap that first, then apply subdivides for my medium and higher versions, so the UV map will change accordingly. What happens if I make more changes than just subdividing, such as rearranging vertices as I need, would that create problems in my UV map? (Relating back to Q1)
  6. Hi everyone, I've been back in SL for a couple of weeks now with the intention to get into roleplay, so I've been spending most of the time role playing and developing characters. Unfortunately, I've found it very lacking in terms of realism considering I only have a few people on my friends list and the fact that I haven't been on SL for very long which leads to playing a new character each time with no friends or family. Let me make clear that I'm not looking for a girl for explicit adult roleplay, I'm looking for some friends who might enjoy developing back stories together as friends or family in roleplay sims. Friends who want to and know how to RP longterm. I'm very much open to ideas and suggestions, which is the point. I don't want to dictate roles, I enjoy bouncing back ideas and developing stories that entertain. Send me a NC or IM me when I'm online if you see me around (I'm on quite a bit, my hours vary between around 9am-6pm SLT). As an additional note: - I have a few RP sims that I particularly want to join; they're of a supernatural urban nature. If you're not interested in this genre for the RP aspect of this post, then it might depend on what else you're interested in whether we have anything in common. - I'm not interested in child avatar families or roleplay. - I prefer semi-to-para RP, depending on sim. - I'm not after smut but actual stories. - My characters are almost always around 18-25 years old, sometimes up to 30.
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