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  1. well you can if you want to pay.

    Google and bing both charge for that service on SL.... greedy b#$^ds

    Anyway type in translator in search... under places your should find a sim that is giving  out translator huds for free.

    Only downsides are you have to read the manual that comes with it... click the ? when wearing to obtain the manual... to know how to set it up and you must make sure the power button icon is green and not red.


    Also some languages come out compeletly messed up like Hindu for example can get really crazy if you try to translate it to english with the HUD.

    And the HUD can crash with a script error, meaning it won't work until you relog, if there are people spamming gestures like crazy in a foriegn language.


    Best advice is to try to learn the language, its both easier than the HUD and can help you in RL as well. Good Luck!

  2. okay if the sim is sending you a message stating that your avi is too young... that isn't directed at you, its your avi.

    Some places that have adult rating and even some moderate places require your avi to be a certain age.

    By age I mean in days old. Can I ask where you were trying to go to? If you feel unconfortable talking about the place for some reason feel free to pm me and the location you keep getting kicked out of it will be kept secret.

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  3. well... hackers come to mind when I think of unscheduled maintenance.

    And you have to remember Second Life was created by humans and... uh humans make mistakes.

    Maybe they were working on SL's code and something went horribly wrong or again it could be a hack attack and they don't want to cause mass panic so they aren't saying it.


    Last night, May 19 10:45pm CST, I was on and I could see users in the mini and world maps but the names didn't appear in chat nor were their avi's visible. Its like I muted everyone or everyone muted me! Everywhere to it wasn't just one sim.

    So I logged out and when I tried to log back in... I found out about another unscheduled maintenance.


    Either way when they get things fixed I'm sure it will be back on line... I mean they were getting money every time users bought extra $L and considering noone can buy anything that just when out the window Just be patient...

    About the disapearring messages... maybe its a database error on there end or they maybe the issue they though they fixed came back. I don't think they are trying to cover anything up.

  4. Hey I'd like to think SL helps immensely with social communication problems.

    I'm err was an interverted person before signing up to SL, now I'm slowly finding it easy to strike up convwersations with people I don't know like at my church or my workplace for example.

    SL gives users the abillity to create their ideal selves so they don't have to feel a social stigma like being short or having acene problems, I don't but some people do, or being socailly awkward.

    SL allows people to open up in ways they wouldn't normally do and I beleive I am one of those users that proves that.

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