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  1. could someone give me the the landmark for the genus group?
  2. we bought it on Maitreya isle. Thanks for the Genus tip.
  3. I bought a MaitreyaLara body, and it came with a perfectly good head and skin. Is there a way to change the eye color? I don't see anything in the hud. Do i have to buy a separate head in order to be able to modify the eyes color?
  4. I know this is an ambiguous question, but is there a 'best' female AO? I'm trying to set up a friend who's totally new to SL.
  5. well as someone said in Monty Python and the Holy Grail...."I got turned into a Newt...........I got better" The issue appears to have resolved itself, (Unless tech support did something in the background). Thanks for the suggestions
  6. i tried logging into another sim. I get there, but my AV doesn't move and then i was just logged out. Another clue. I have a different account that appears to be fine from the same computer. My groups reappeared, but then they disappeared again.
  7. when i log in, all my groups are missing and I get logged out when I attempt to teleport. Any Ideas?
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