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  1. arabellajones wrote: A couple of times, recently, I have had occasion to ask whether something that happened with a viewer was supposed to happen. There seems to be a lot of guesswork by users. I was advised that the only way to find out whether something was supposed to happen was to see if it happened in the official Linden Lab viewer. I was a little surprised that nobody seemed to know. I downloaded the Linux version of the viewer. It keeps crashing. I was told it isn't supported, it's a Beta. This is all starting to seem less than competent. I don't even know if what happens can
  2. Singularity is not Bento aware at this time. I have no idea if or when it ever will be as the viewer project seems a bit dormant of late.
  3. I have seen this phenomenon plenty of times using all of the linux viewers: Singularity, Cool VL Viewer, Firestorm, Kokua, and even the only half-working LL official viewer. In Cool VL Viewer there is a menu option called "reset vertex buffers" (Advanced > Rendering > reset vertex buffers) that instantly renders all things that did not get rendered when first entering a region. Singularity has a similar function called "refresh vertex buffers" under its Advanced menu but I do not recall exactly which submenu it can be found. As for the v3/4/5 UI based viewers, I have not found a similar
  4. Just as I was about to write some stats of my own for region Nosver (took nearly five minutes for rezzed scripted objects and worn scripted HUDs to respond to commands), I got knocked off the service due to "region may be having difficulties." Edited to note the status.secondlifegrid.net page shows the rolling restarts for some regions have been extended. Seems I should have refreshed that page before commenting here.
  5. Yes, I also have the dark screen with audio playback issue on my Mavericks machine. Flash was updated to 12.0 yesterday and there was no fix, but then again the fix is not in the Flash player. The fix needs to be found in the viewer code. The JIRA entry you referenced is indeed public now, but I could not add any comments to it. The best I could do was add myself to the "Watched" count.
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