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  1. so for the past 3 days my avi wont load im stuck as a white spot non stop and this is very annoying and also here on the second life web i get logged out way to easey like i just got on and whent to forums and make a new topic and it logged me out so i had to re log my main prob is the avi
  2. My hair is covering my eye n its realy bugging me how should i fix it?
  3. Its open collar when i log on it says seching for parter then partner not found and even if i do "run away" when i re log it starts over i think its broken i dont know where i got it cuz i didnt get it and where can i find a collar?
  4. Well i donthave the $ to get it so u know and i put it arrunaway and then what do i do? I change it to my new parter how?
  5. I need a master badly im good at rp so thats a puls im up for any thing and more then willing to carry a bundle of kids around but i dont do scat or piss besides that im all good so im something me guys
  6. I found what u mean n thanks but its hard to find a master hey u wouldnt know how to completly reset a opencollar would u?
  7. I Only get 3 and they dont have a lot of people in them
  8. Im in but where can i find this place? The only way i know how is tp go to world map and type in like sexy nude beach (currently useing my phone to so that might be why the link dosent help)
  9. Yes iv done slave , BDSM n theres no one there at all
  10. I need to find a BDSM place can some one tell me the name of what i need to put in on the world map like sexy nude beach or something?
  11. It says restions rest but then my partern still cant grt the menu it says restrions held owner notified and evey time i re log i have to re say arrunaway
  12. I have a collar and i need to remove the restions on it so new people can claim me but the old owner locked it or something and quit how do i fix this if i cant where can i find a collar
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