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  1. What do you have your graphics in SL set to?
  2. Are you in quicksand? Just teasing, I've had this happen twice, I just kept walking and it fixed it... I wish I could be of more help...
  3. May I add, I get the feeling it's not even a "her", if it were then "she'd" know you cannot be 46wks pregnant whilst being due in a month... lol
  4. Hello Jay, what are you looking for in a roomate? Friends or? I'm just curious, and do you have any rules? Thanks,
  5. Ugh what did I just read??? My mind will explode in 5...4...3...2..1 --- POW !!!
  6. Lol well shaving your head is an option or perhaps maybe you could resize the hair? I'm not quite sure but maybe you could see if its resizeable. Was it free hair or did you pay for it? I noticed that hair that is free is usually not made as well as hair you pay good for... I typically get the hair that is adjustable and quite expensive but so worth it. Oh and is it the bangs thats covering her eyes or is it the hair? Does it look mishapen or something? Again maybe it can be resized or at least adjusted/moved to fit on your head. I recommend mesh hair that's what I use, its seems more realistic.
  7. Maybe we should continue to feed the little troll, he seems hungry... I think we should add more areas that are troll friendly, a place that they can find other trolls to hangout with... Just a suggestion. A good troll never breaks character lol
  8. This is why I never fix something that don't need fixed, if all the other viewers worked why download another one? Maybe you should do a full uninstall and then reinstall the one viewer or two that you'll be using... Also sometimes it's good to try disabling (DEP) Data Execution Prevention, I guess you can do it for SL, I never had to myself but I've tried it before to stop other things from crashing like games and it's worked. This is all just a thought, something to try and if it don't work just switch it back... Also note I did read that you said you uninstalled everything make sure you did, sometimes going through programs and features etc don't always get rid of everything that's why it's best to dig yourself and not fully rely on that. Maybe another thing you could check is your graphics settings in sl, I don't know but maybe somehow they changed and this could be causing an issue?? Or perhaps a PC restart will do the trick, I've had times before where all I needed was a good restart... I'm no expert but these are just things to try.
  9. With the way things are lately I wouldn't put too much faith in trying to make rl money using sl, it's easier to just suck it up and go out into the real world and get a job that you know is gonna pay. Think about this sl may have times that less people play or less people visit so therefore there will be some sort of repercussion which is money loss or no money at all. I'm not saying to stop but for me I'd at least have a back up job in case something happens...
  10. Hey welcome to Second Life, Nursie... And it's cool no worries, we're all here to make friends too, or at least I would hope so lol... Anyway I'm here if you wanna chat sometime, you can also contact me in game whatever ya feel like doing. Anyway good luck with SL, as I'm sure you'll like it!
  11. Hey Fox, welcome to Second Life! I hope you do enjoy your stay. If you're needing a friend you can shoot me a friends request in game and we can chat.
  12. maybe I'm wrong, but I believe It has to do with a dwindling population... It seems like most places I go to but a couple are barren, I can just see the tumble weed rolling by and crickets chirping. Here's my opinion why SL is dwindling notice I said my opinion... I feel it has a lot to do with everywhere you can possibly go has a club on that location, its like all SL has turned to lately is sex related. SL is so beautiful and full of endless possibilities but instead its wasted on clubs alone, clubs aren't bad but life is more than just clubs and sex... Also all the malls usually sell is sexual related attire there is hardly anything remotely classy.
  13. Well said, also I recommend all places and jobs in sl shouldn't be just sex and relationships.
  14. I need more info like your PC specs...if anything I'd set it to low, but if its still bad then its more than likely your graphics card. As for a PC good enough for SL, yes mine runs on high and on ultra. Of course in order to run SL good you're going to need a PC for gaming, meaning it needs a good amount of ram, hard drive space, and a good graphics/video card. For gaming pcs I typically stick to "ibuypower" brand.
  15. I'm glad you got it working! Honestly due to your specs, I'd suggest you to not worry about the shadows and extra things like that as the more you click on the more chance of lagging. Then again I'm more worried about playability then appearance of things like having the water glisten in the sun, or a shadow on everything it's not really important.... For taking photos it's nice but for playing it's not much use. I think for certain things like shadows you have to be set to ultra which probably would not work too well for you...
  16. Through Lindex I don't believe they accept Bitcoins or trade in it, but other sites do and they trade it. Bitcoins are a real currency that the value sometimes goes down or up, so im glad certain places accept it in place of money. Now It may crash really low but then again it may rise tremendously all in the same day, I always make sure to turn it to cash right away lol. Maybe if you want Bitcoins instead of money, Here's an idea; Maybe you could try VirWox? They have the official linden labs reseller seal. I don't know much but I do believe you have multiple options to just convert your money earned through them into Bitcoins I think... I use them to sell my Bitcoins and turn them Into Lindens for second life, it seems to be in high demand.
  17. I've actually found that firestorm renders avis better, like if the feet or hands are messed up, on firestorm it's fixed..,
  18. Oh cool, so do you know what you're having? A boy or a girl? Usually they induce you around 40wks but everyone's different I guess... Good luck with second life, hope you enjoy it! shhh troll alert *sounds alarm* maybe if we don't feed it, it'll go away....
  19. It happened to me too... I asked someone else if to them I was gray, they told me I was fully rezzed lol. So I tried reapplying my skin and my avi rezzed completely on my end. Maybe reapplying skin will help?
  20. Sounds like a graphics issue, maybe you have the settings up too high. It probably isn't necessarily an updated drivers issue. What are your PC age and specs? If anything I'd recommend trying to lower the graphics slowly to see when you stop lagging and stick with that. Also if you're running on high speed Internet then that's probably not an issue. Even if you were using your wireless connection that still probably wouldn't matter if you're close to the router. Now if you're using dsl or dial up then yea that might just be an issue lol. Also some areas are just laggy as SL makes mistakes too, not every issue is on the players end. SL is really making some enhancements lately and with the new changes it will probably cause a lot of users to have to lower their graphics unless they have a good graphics/video card... Oh could you by any chance have picked the wrong driver for you graphics card? Maybe you should check closely... that may be the issue as well, I'd have to know more.
  21. I'm guessing this is all happening on the official SL viewer? Maybe you could try another viewer like Firestorm, see if that helps.
  22. Feel free to add me, I'm usually on daily... I'm always up for a chat.
  23. I need to know more, what were you trying to exchange? Was it real money for Lindens or something else? What was the name of the machine? If you need money you should go through the Lindex or some other site that you can exchange things but make sure it has the Second Life Linden Dollar Reseller badge. If the machine or website don't have that badge then it's probably a fake. I personally either go through Lindex or VirWoX.
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