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  1. +1 to your question (& holding my breath in hopes someone has a good answer or two)
  2. There was a 1- or 2-sim area called Neko Japan or Neko Tokyo or something like that. Maybe that is what you remember? It's been gone a while. Sort of like that, we still have http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSOC/70/184/28 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nibiru/153/65/1533 I hope that's helpful (though it's probably not).
  3. There are usually at least a few people talking at NCI Kuula, & I have always felt welcome there. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuula/56/170/28
  4. Caledon Oxbridge is the best I could find. (And some(many?) other Caledon sims are M.) (Before I double checked to see which sims are G, I expected it'd be easy to get you a long list, but if you stick to just G sims, it's limiting.)
  5. For any of you old-timers: I've read about camping for L$. Do people still do that?
  6. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Lots of good points, but the two that rise to the top are the analogy about how building in Minecraft is like building with Legos & Kelli May's point that you could simulate Minecraft in SL but not the other way around. Thanks bunches!
  7. I'm new to SL & was showing it to a friend in the hopes that he'd make his own account. He asked how it differs from Minecraft. Neither of us have played Minecraft, but we know people who have (including his nephew). For me, it's one of those questions whose answer is obvious but difficult to articulate. I pointed out that SL isn't a game & that a big part of it is building. He pointed out that people build things in Minecraft, too. He also pointed out that from what he's seen, building in Minecraft is easier than building in SL, though I pointed out that I'm new & still don't know many good building techniques. Thanks for your time & help. P.S. I know that I've heard other questions like that, where I feel that the answer is obvious but when someone presses me on it, I can't explain. Wish I could think of some of those to use as examples here. Anyway, thanks in advance for your replies.
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