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  1. It is such a pleasure to read such a well thought well written disertation on true love and marriage!! I'm in awe of you already and curious about your age and your experience. You talk with the wisdom of a 60 year old. I agree marriage and monogamy is not the answer, we simply inherited the practice from times when men needed to protect their bloodlines by ensuring the "legitimacy" of their offspring....It was a trading more than an expression of everlasting love. The men bought the sexual fidelity of their partners with a ring and the promise of financial security. I know I'm oversimplifyin
  2. I know this thread is ancient but it seems to me to be still relevant! OK, so I joined SL in early March because it felt a safe place to explore my recently discovered bisexuality. Safer than RL as I am already in a RL relationship. In early April I met this powerful, big oldish looking avatar in a blues club and felt drawn to it. Not being the shy type I sat beside him at the bar, (who dances to blues music??) and started a conversation. We spent the next hour chatting until the music changed and I left him to go and dance. He followed me and asked me to dance with him. What followed was 15
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