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  1. It is such a pleasure to read such a well thought well written disertation on true love and marriage!! I'm in awe of you already and curious about your age and your experience. You talk with the wisdom of a 60 year old. I agree marriage and monogamy is not the answer, we simply inherited the practice from times when men needed to protect their bloodlines by ensuring the "legitimacy" of their offspring....It was a trading more than an expression of everlasting love. The men bought the sexual fidelity of their partners with a ring and the promise of financial security. I know I'm oversimplifying things and painting a very black and white picture but after all these centuries our society still uses the ring to simbolize commitment and eternal love, and still believes a family unit, preferably of different sexes, is the best way to bring up our children. I agree lifelong monogamy and the idea of a traditional marriage as the safest place to bring up kids is not working but there are so many interests at play, so many institutions that support the status quo and despise change that old habits will die hard. BTW we are still educating our children following a social scheme that was devised around the time of the Industrial Revolution so society really moves slowly if at all!! I believe in temporary monogamy and have trouble too reconciling the everlasting love sold by Dysney or any religion. I also believe you can truly love someone you have not met for long. I have lifetime friends and friends that came into my life for a short but intense space of time and there is no difference in what I feel for either group. It is what you share rather than the lenght of time that matters. I think that also applies to sexual partnerships. They don't start as monogamous but they can become so if the connection or bond between 2 people goes deeper enough for both parties. The mistake of our society is to try and prolongue or preserve that bond forever, bringing out the rings, the public vows, and believing in the "exclusivity" and "uniqueness" of what is felt by bringing into the equation unexplainable stuff like "fate" or "destiny" when the truth is that if we were free from all constraints and limitations life would show us that the potential to have the same connection or bond is not infinite but certainly not limited to just one single person in the whole planet!! A much healthier approach psychologically in my opinion!!
  2. I know this thread is ancient but it seems to me to be still relevant! OK, so I joined SL in early March because it felt a safe place to explore my recently discovered bisexuality. Safer than RL as I am already in a RL relationship. In early April I met this powerful, big oldish looking avatar in a blues club and felt drawn to it. Not being the shy type I sat beside him at the bar, (who dances to blues music??) and started a conversation. We spent the next hour chatting until the music changed and I left him to go and dance. He followed me and asked me to dance with him. What followed was 15 minutes of the funniest most hilarious movements that brought tears of laughter to my eyes in RL. I laughed nonstop as he strolled around my avatar in a ballet coreography worthy of The Swan Lake while Lady Gaga kept saying Let's Dance. We attempted many other moves but none seem to be al tempo or in synchrony with the music or each other. It was one of those genious moments of pure comedy that had me in stitches in RL. When we finally got it right I had been laughing nonstop for longer than I had done in ages. He apologized saying that although an experienced resident in SL he hadn't been out dancing that much and had probably forgotten how couple stuff worked. We stayed for a couple of hours in that club talking while dancing together and he later invited me to his SL home and we had sex. It was virtual sex but for whatever reason it became and felt very much like real sex. I had had SL virtual sex a few times before but it never felt like what I lived through that night. The intensity of the experience had me thinking about it the next day, scared the hell out of me and made me wonder if I could be going insane... We met the following night too and he seemed to have gone through the same experience. We talked and stayed together online for hours again, we discovered many similarities in what we like and how we see the world, we had sex again and it was amazing again. My attempt to keep SL and RL separate broke when we heard each other for the first time. I discovered I even like the voice of someone I have never met in RL! How insane is that??! Fast forward to almost a month later and RL is dictating when and for how long we can be online together, and it looks like we are losing due to conflicting schedules, time differences, busy RLs, etc., but the whole experience has made realized SL relationships can indeed be very real. I joined looking for uncomplicated fun, no strings attached relationships, an ecape from the mundane, and it turns out SL relationships can turn all that upside down... Maybe I should have sticked to the SIMS HAHAHA!!
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