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  1. This faerie is a tiny, unmoving, decoration. it was there for several days/weeks before I even noticed it. No one else in the neighborhood seems to have one. Just me, and it is linden property. If it is a gift of some sort, I thank whoever gave it to me. if anyone wants to come by and check it out my address is Gigantes (105, 235, 29). The door is always open and visitors are always welcome. BTW it is owned by Governor Linden, and is from the maintenance group, but I still have no clue as to its function. I have had no problems that I am aware of, but if they want to install doors in the towe
  2. Does anyone know why there is a a small faerie that has appeared in front of my linden home? It is very small, a few inches, no other similar homes in the aria have one. I don't mind it being there but it concerns me as to what its function might be. I don't think it is a decoration or they would be if front of all the houses like mine in the aria.
  3. it has come to my attention that premium residents have access to 512 square m of free property. Nowhere have I found any information on how to claim this property or where it may be located. I would love any help in clearing this up.
  4. I just bought a premium membership but the home they provided will not let me decorate or install anything. It's basicly a private changing room at this point. I would like to know how do I go about geting authorization to install furnature and art.
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