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  1. For the last month or so I been getting an error message when initially trying to sign into Marketplace. After I get it and try to sign in again it goes through, but it is frustrating having to basically sign in twice. This is a Gyazo of the message I am getting. - https://gyazo.com/1fae8cfb23321fd70ea0b474523b7145
  2. I fail to see what is so fascinating about my parcel that anyone would wish to come onto it. I do not begrudge people using the road, and I do agree the system needs improving so they can drive on it without hitting ban lines or no warning security orbs. Some have tried saying go rent private land. I was doing this before, and it is far more expensive. My current parcel on mainland is more then twice the size of the one I had been renting and is costing me LESS per month. I really do not think it is unreasonable to expect some privacy on (virtual) land that I am paying monthly to be able to us
  3. Because it is still my land. I am paying monthly for the right to call it such. Do you wander into a person's house and property in RL? (And yes I see your little signature tag there) I have as much right to expect my property in SL is respected as I do in RL. I do not set up my house and land for your use. I got no issues with people wanting to drive on the mainland roads. And honestly, if the ban lines worked how they were supposed to it would never be an issue to those using the roads. The fact that so few respect privacy and act like they have the right to wander into any parcel or home th
  4. Problem is that Mainland is far cheaper then private land is. Otherwise I would have bought private land. I do not like visits from those I do not know. And lets face it, there are far to many out there that will wander onto your land uninvited. I wonder how many people would like someone in RL doing this to them. I have actually had issues with people coming into my actual house in SL and refusing to leave when asked politely. This is the primary reason I normally use ban lines/limited access to my land. If Private land ever becomes cheaper to purchase then Mainland I will definitely move to
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