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  1. Senobia, I assure you I am a female bisexual. No need for your *ahem* Secondly, my requests are for submissives only, which you clearly are not. Perhaps if you knew what my lifestyle is about, and what it entails, you would realise that my RL requests are based on attaining submissive behaviour, and getting appropriate proof thereof. In this lifestyle, my requests are not deemed as a "laundry list" as you so dryly put it, but merely a domme's order. If you feel that this post does not pertain to you or your lifestyle, refrain from infringing on mine.
  2. Email me the following: 1 x Full length nude picture, with "For SuckGoddess" written on your tummy in RED LIPSTICK 1 x Head and shoulders picture Picture of your nibbly bits (females: 1 pic of your breasts, and 1 of your **bleep** open. Lie on your back on the edge of your bed, and place your toes on the bed next to your head, without any equipment or restraints) (males: 1 pic of your **bleep** when not erect, and 1 when fully erect. Take the pic from the front, and ensure that I get the full picture) suckgoddess@gmail.com
  3. Looking for online submissive(s) to please me. Do as I say, when I say, and exactly how I say, and you will be rewarded. I require full submission, and may ask the following of you: 1. Role Play 2. Nipple / **bleep** & Ball / **bleep** Torture 3. Daily tasks 4. Submissive get togethers (for my viewing pleasure) Reply only if you satisfy the following: You are submissive. You are not in a D/s relationship. You are willing to do as I say, when I say. Bi-sexual & lesbian welcome
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