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  1. I did many years ago from Datemyavi but it lasted 3 years. We where both single unattached in real and here. But datemyavi is now dateinSl. But I feel if you want to find someone want to go real just be honest. I put my real life photo only little detail. But people looking for real want single not someone taken. But every one wants there cake eat it two and freewill. There not many good dating places left its best to go to events and groups that have a lot of people. If you have a detailed profile and wants needs and desires that can help. But good luck to you.
  2. Also Sugar lifestyle and Daddy Dom do not mix with BDSM seems still like excuse really just get a escort job or stick work for it Don't just sit there you got two legs use them.l
  3. yes with all the new upgrades like mesh bodys to mesh things things look real but real comes but remeber sl is a game you can take a break always.
  4. it seems he looking for real you came to sl for little love but only online since you both only leave it sl it may be best to leave as it is be friends. Because you are with someone in real you were very honest with him you put first before him I no he wanrs more you should him the ropes but its time to leave and go on. You may have to find a roleplay guy that has the same background as you keep online. I hope the best for you I no sometimes things can be a mess but you have to do what is right.
  5. I went real with my guy but we dates for 6 monthes before I jumped on a plane to see him. I also stayed 6 motnhs with him and went to see him during the holidays. I was single untached as he was in real we were both honest and up front. Exchange each other pictures Adult conversation on cam showing the real you no need to take of your clothes. As long as your unttached in real and he is also then go ahead and meet but dont make it three years from now. Taking on skpye on voice and cam can happen should not just be on facebook. You want real then mean it no one should lead someone on make someone wait. If the person does not make time for you or makes exuses then its time to move on. if you want to make it work stay postive keep the postive people around you take the negtive out. You both may have to sit down who meeting who first its best for a guy to really as women like to feet safe its good to meet in a public place or have a friend go with you. As long as both you have talked on voice and did voice verfication and you seen him on cam he seen you full body with clothes you like each other. But really this about you and him doesn't matter what other think go ballroom danceing go to beaches have fun like couples do. When I first came down to see my guy after 6 months we marired on secondlife. if you want this up to you and your partner. Good luck to you and your partner. 
  6. I meet my Daddy Dom at DateMyAvi over a year ago I went real with him. It does take time. But keys to finding someone a detailed profile a few classy pictures haveing a professinal do photo's or have a friend do them but yours looks nice . Thing is if your looking for long term the guys are going to ask to go on voice They will want to see some real pictures but if you have to do they putting them in picks are the dafer way you don' have to show your face could just use a body picture. to find someone you may have to show up to the events change your dateing boards every now and them put some pictures in your dateing board or quotes. What are your wants needs and desires if you know what you want then stick with it. Put your hobbies places you like to go and do. But if you just looking for sl love keep it that way. Putting your fav quotes in profile in picks your limits and rules. But good luck to you. These are just a few place but you will have make time going to them. DateMyAv Avid's Love Actually - Dating Agency [Limits] A DaddyDom/Babygirl Hangout Spot AvMatch.com "Key To My Heart" Dating Agency, Dating Service The Brownstone - Hyde House - 1920's Lifestyle friendly sim The Beach} Dating Agency 50s Housewife Clubhouse Community Addicted to Kink - B.D.S.M Meet & Match True Match Dating Agency Cupd's Arrow - A Personal Match Matching Service - Free iMatch: SL's Only Free Dating Agency [the chamber] fetlife.com Alt.com Bdsmsingle.com
  7. There are other dateing places as well in sl.
  8. if you look Under search in world there alot of Daddy Dom places and they have events with Djs and dateing boards Just look yo might faint.
  9. Look under seach in world there lots of places that have what your looking for escorts and sugar baby girl groups.
  10. I am not here to judge you try roleplay but also try the free dove and fab free and other places for your avi.
  11. Well one way to get linden. But upgrades your avi you go to freebie places lile fab free and free dove and look up teloport hub site for frere stuff everyday. Best way to get a job look at playes that are looking like for a host they will train you and it cna be a fun job you cna make alot of linden this way. I use to be a host have to greet keep people happy. There are other ways learnng to be a dj or doing photo's or making your own business. You might have to use real life money 20 dollers you can do alot with for starters.
  12. I would think it would only be used if they were on business trips or people in the army so they could still see and talk to there partner as long as there open and honest but hideing things only bring games.
  13. Alot of women here want to hurry up get married no afence yes its a red flag I seen it to many times if you want to get to go real you want to know the person is stable and on the same page and is attractive in your eyes why its a good thing to go on skpye and voice . But use your intustion and gut feeling it tells you the truth . takes two to tango people have to have to be on the same page.
  14. I have meet my match through the dateing service DatemyAvi we did take are time went on dates and stuff and now were meeting in real. If your not in a rush and take your time not just be with anyone you will find the right one. update you profile and stuff you like what your looking and your intrest. have a friend take a photo or go to a photo place on sl and fix it up everyone in while. You dont have ro put your hole life details just some save the last for the right time when the person earns the trust. But some people are looking for in game or in real. But the people that are single unttached looking for real are not going ot deal with attached I mean there is someone for them its there freewill but know one wants to deal with games. Datemyavi even has a site to talk about real and online you dont have to put your real avi name until you feel like shareing it later untell you dater the person. I will say this i heard alot men that some women want to hurry up get married on the first date really come face reality. It does not matter your size just be confedent you can't get mad over that people have there own options. Upgraded avi can also help a person find someone invest in your avi as you do in real lazy will only get you lazy.
  15. Be postive you have to learn to let go keep yourself busy find a hobbie learn somthing new keep take a class onlline but Don't give up on your goals. Keep the negtive away this only makes people weak.
  16. This why I use voice when I talk to people when they get to know me its a test to know your Gender. If someone is looking for a long term in the game or in real they need to be up front with everything so they are not hurting the other person. I use my inttction to read people it tells me the truth. Alot of Dateing serivces here on Secondlife have a voice test before you cna get a membership at the dateing service they want people to be truthful but they allow you to be the gender you want with the benfits. Take your time to get to no someone Don't be in a rush it you go to fast you could get hurt. If you want to truely want to take it further going on cam bu talking in Adult comincation and being mature about it can see if the person is saying who they are. Trust is the main key its earned not given. -Dreamerra
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