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  1. Only Requirement maybe with this someone is going first life and Long term That is up to Those people whatever the background ya it should be two way street not just make one person do it person has to be ready it can be in private. Truly whatever If your a girl or guy even if playing a girl no one should pressure you Just have boundaries Like I said its your SL Even if a guy is guy playing a girl some people are trans some guys are in to that that there freewill whatever floats the boat. And their guys Just want girl Just girl wants a guy there guy want guy or girl wants girls so there someone for everyone the person just has to understand you where your coming from. P.S I did the voice thing I went three years traveling back in forth in real was long term in the past but I had to know something was there had to feel conferrable not forced to voice. So its like a demisexaul thing has to have feelings for the person have a connection in order to voice with someone yes this is true.
  2. Not everyone has to its who and what business they don't have to its your SL your Body make your Sl whatever you want.
  3. [Sheba] Dixie Mules are also 1l on marketplace for ebody high feet [Sheba] makes many ebody heels. But many Moda also makes Ebody also but good to try demo on everything. Many slink heels work. The feet are getting a update so they fit in heels. *EF* Vday Gift eBody Curvy Is a good starter clothes for Ebody curvy on market place only 1L. Their is a lot of clothes now still in the works with many stores. Ebody hud is getting a make over so those have the free version can buy separate get omega hud or more alpha layers. Queenz has group gift for Ebody curvy she makes one new every month free to join or you can buy the other stuff. Classic ebody free dove has many clothes their.. Good to try demo's Some places. eBody Curvy is 8.5 sYs Design MOZ Designs Muggleborn Hucci Queenz Luas Kaithleen And many more if you Join Ebody Group there is a note card for all the events and updates check notice in note card. I
  4. The Writing on yourself or piece of paper has been done on Dating sites for for years.And yes they would show with face and half the body to torso with arm or piece of holding the piece of paper.Also has to be hand written with a marker or pen.know one should have to voice if their not in to but if they don't have voice the writing verification works.
  5. Well know one can force you its up to you when you are ready. For example like at dating place you fill out dating card it says do you like to voice yes or know do you want the other person to you can simple say yes or no. Should not feel pressured to go on voice unless you both are in to it. Tell them to move along. I do like to voice but has to be someone that get in my mind not my parts and voice and be done in mature matter in private if you don/t want to speak in public. Some like voice some don't Just write in your profile you like to write at first for the right one that takes there time you may voice not like this guy is your future husband so he should be demanding it. There are other ways to verify like taking picture writing your name on your arm with your face but done privately. But he keeps asking for women to go on voice then tell him to go on voice see how he reacts.
  6. It's her Second life let her be we are all here for something and have a story behind us and feelings. And its fine to give advice or direct but its her Avatar her life not good to scare people away if they make a post . If she wants to find love let her dream she did put intro write a lot some things are meant to talk about face to face. Some people come to these threads for to help people new and old. I do know a few Dating places. Actually love dating love Dating they have dating boards for all backgrounds and meeting up and events. I wish you the best of luck. P.S Their nothing Wrong with being sincere and looking that shows a lot.
  7. Then you both need to work on it then Every one got a story good luck.
  8. You Can ether walk away or work it out its your second life but truly look in your heart.
  9. I do not hide but you can only give so much this world to get away but share with those you trust you can share some things. Trust is a big thing.
  10. Its 25L for each person when you partner just make sure you both have 25l when you do it.
  11. I don't have problem talking on voice time and place I like to but its in mannerly way. But know one should force its your second life every one got a story. But if its dating you want someone that dos voice then look for someone that will that what dating places are for and note card says you like to voice or put in your profile you can demand if someone wants to. I have no problem talking on voice I am confident to do it but I am not here for wam bam thank you mam. There many women that will some wont but just move on to the ones that will no problem its part of life we all have are likes. Unless your want voice in your life then look for those that put voice verified they are willing to voice. But if comes to dating your looking for long term or go real the person is going to want to know if your a girl or a guy just being upfront going on cam and voice in manner nothing sexual can solve it later then it should be two way street just willing when comes to looking in real.
  12. I don't do Satanism but it but stuff only in the light of good but very different things I learned in first life from co mason but every one has there ways and freewill. I am truly not religious but learned a few years ago all the symbols all religions in one only on positive with love and light. When I became Master Teacher in energy healing in first life. One of the Teachers was co mason has shirt he has was co mason but he told me about the all the symbols on shirt in a circle in all religion that we are all in one in the universe truly woke me up I grow up believing other things. I am not co mason but I truly go by we are all in one. I do believe the angels and God with the universe asking in meditation to help when I have to heal someone with energy or myself. Staying in the light with love and light and positive ways. Before all of this I learn having psychic intelligence and in reading the book psychic intelligence learning the 4 clairs being able to read others also helped me to find myself later with being a Master Teacher. I became also Exorcist another thing I do getting rid of ghost not using any tools just natural ways as priest would with vortex. Everyone has abilities but they truly have to allow it. But it takes meditation using your intuition and visualization being positive and grow. But everyone has there freewill this what I go by I don't go to a church i just follow what I know. Thing that helped me with trust being taught as Master Teacher that energy is earned not given. P.S I also learned that I do not worship anything we all are goddess and kings in the light being helpers and getting guided from ascended masters with answers. But do what ever your heart takes you your freewill what you believe but your freewill but do it out of love with positive energy in the light. But you have your own way or what ever your knowledge brings forth. Also love and light is inside of us we are energy and all around us and in the universe. Being loving and value yourself and others keep positive only allow the light in keep away the negative. But have Boundaries you can always try to help someone with advice does mean you have to give them anything. I ask the God and the angels with the universe and always thank them for there help. Some people work with the darkness and light there still good in darkness and in light if it done right but there freewill I just stay in the light. Keeping the positive people around you that care and encourage you you share each other knowledge keeping away from negative we can only help them so much they have to be willing to listen but if they can't you have to send on there way wish the the best we can only do so much for others.
  13. Yes I do Last year when I lived on 50 sim I decorated my house made romantic with roses and candy’s. I do photos as well. I went to the second life romantic event. Dressing up romantic and going out or just staying home.
  14. Because think some don’t relise it or they truly alone in real or there clock is ticking. Best to take your time not be in a rush why I stay reserved.
  15. Protect her guide her respect her grow her take care of her treasure her lead her Be the man she needs and she will be the women you want.....
  16. Monthly Midnight Madness as looked in to Glitzz made nice lace outfit for ebody curvy. But there are plenty of hunts and holiday things if you look around. Women hunt may have few things I did find some nice heels. Yes more are making things.
  17. Peace on earth hunt has some ebody clothes. And Queenz store has free group gift sweater dress for ebody curvy. Classic ebody has more clothes and there a lot of affordable or small free some free. Free dove some areas have a lot of classic ebody clothes if you shape it also fit right. Teleport hub offers a lot of things I have seen ebody classic clothes. ebody is pretty good body the classic one and curvy but classic has more options help people coming back and new people you wear a thin small collar for the neck line if you have to find a skin to match it up you wear slink heels you make it look very nice. if you low on linden best way being a host I seen people even do crystal hunting in Linden realms but they saved enough to get a mesh body its work but for new people or people coming back gotta get some where.
  18. Updates to Ebody curvy I also know that the creator also fixing the hips on the body so the clothes will fit better and she is working on clothes but it will take time. I have the full version of ebody curvy its smooth can apply any omega as long full omega love how it looks no pixel lines good complex low lag mesh avatar. There is more out there for ebody curvy some are making clothes now also this is the start. But the free version is good to try it and for someone new or coming back but only can do so much but you may have to wear fit mesh or get the full version later your freewill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Clothes for ebody curvy mesh. Just is some clothes they had made some but this is the start more will be coming out. Checking market place under ebody curvy or going in world looking at new events look for ebody logo. There are some fit mesh for ebody curvy on the marketplace for 1l if you dig around or some that are affordable to start. I have found some good deals. Good luck to you. P.S try demo as well. Janae Cooper !MOZ [Glitzz] [Higgle] M&M Female Fashion Curvy Babe Pineapple Creations Queenz Fashion Point EF - Empire Furnishings Autumn Splendor Curvy Babe Kendrasy Creations Tam's Trousseau LeCastle
  19. Well it meant out of love with the heart yes then earned in submission/Domination I put the heart because you giving your feelings and your energy first Yes submission also has to be earned. Like dating get to know them don't rush. Thank you Its just be being old fashion I am a old soul got to be modern also. Smiles
  20. Since you are new but have been in the lifestyle just take it slow. Yes like real the earn your heart and trust is earned in submission/Domination not given its a trust and bond but this is second life but understand your bring you feeling so be careful who you trust. I have been in the D/s lifestyle and sub for 15 years in first life but every one starts some where. Just know you are human not a animal time and place for everything goes both ways. Use your intuition and gut feeling it tells the truth. You do not have to do anything you do not feel conferable doing no one can truly force have limits and limitations find yourself and path. If you looking for a third they have poly places for both couples and single people they also have those looking for one for one also they also have dating places in world. Hope the best of luck in your search. P.S Just be careful with collars here they are like take over you but no harm and see they also should be earned not just given out like candy. The other thing be careful some random person gives you something it could have RLV I had this happen to me I was new I had to ask someone to take it off but I would disable RLV until you truly trust someone to turn it on that they understand your RLV limits and freewill not cross things you do not like. Even with a Dom or Domme with the leash holder you do not have to give things truly get to know them just as sub would. There are free collars and leash holders but read the education on them first. . Maybe try ! Omega. Omega Library If you truly need any help you can contact me by this name.
  21. Your are in control and the person your trust I wore one in real if went to a mutch or to keep people off the same as in world depends.
  22. You can make so know one can touch the collar also. I know its second life but also your feelings. Unless you trust the person that you are adding to your collar do not allow anyone just to click on it unless that what but know you are human free will time and place and all. Yes its a collar but know one force you you are not a animal all trust out of love the collar is.
  23. Meet in July 2014 Courted for months then he asked to Marry and I traveled to him in real 2 hour flights we married on Second life in Dec. I stay on the holidays in real with him and months he arranged for me to fly to him do his job he could not leave I had to come to him. Lasted three years but was beautiful memory. We are still good friends even that we went are own ways. We voiced and chatted when on dates and did via cam later adult conversation how the sincere part happen we both looking for real. Every one comes here for something ether way we bring are feelings and energy. Love can happen.
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