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  1. If allowed. Places in world to make friends you can make a panel to find a friend or meet and have conversation. Join the group its free in world and board panel only 1L. Its dating places also to find a friend many people do they voice or type chat to meet up in world board to explore or play a board game whatever your looking for. Second life connection. Land Mark:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lancashire/94/126/24 Actually Love Dating Agency Land Mark http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy/105/163/23 You can always weed out people keep your walls up but everyone in to other things you don't have do anything your not conferrable doing good to get to know someone. i know the feeling i get tired someone just wants pixel humping I Just say not here for that can you grow a brain please. Some of the second life hubs find under destinations. I look in people groups or picks see where they hang out some people have these in their profile or you can always ask say hello how is your day do you know where any good places to meet people. On the viewer in world Also if you look under search then events on the right hand side day any category look under discussions find a discussions you may want to attend. You can go to the place explore before the discussion see if there posters or info notecard books. I go late at night to places see how they are to get the feel see where t he place is land mark it then come back. use your intuition it tells the truth. Second life 15 year Anniversary soon in June look on the second life blog main page here on second life be lots people will be going to that to celebrate good way to meet someone. Good luck you will find your way.
  2. Just be honest and up front if you going with the word love.
  3. Education and being a teen get a part time job on family sim like supermarket or burger place or host at teen mature place. Some designers do look for teen models for clothes and poses for teens or you could Just blog for clothes.
  4. I do not know her background it may be what she doing to pay her bills or even eat maybe get down to her level. Educate her guide her protect her lift her up get her out of this loop. But its up to her if she wants to do this if you both go further. Know that these are from D/s but can also be used for different lifestyle also. Dom seeks to make you better, educate, nurture, and fulfill your needs. Not break you down. . Protect her guide her respect her grow her take care of her treasure her lead her Be the man she needs and she will be the women you want.....
  5. Well they could change this to new changes.
  6. You will not lose your avatar. People that have to take a break then come back I have done this. If you cancel it will stop on the day you signed up for premium but make sure you abandon your premium house first before canceling. I had two accounts that had premium I did cancel one I never lost a avatar.
  7. If your real partner is upset you need to talk to them and work it partner in real just come first because if it best more worse it could lead to marriage separation and divorce papers papers. Why you need to have heart to heart talk and be upfront or Just give up the habits.
  8. This is a virtual beautiful world this why we have nicknames for are profile names not are real names because it takes a lot of trust maybe some people can know someone but not everyone needs to know. You kind have to do your own homework on the redflags. They tell you everything they want you to hear they want to relocate they want rush and to come to you to you they want you to send money for the ticket that they will slip say they are not where they are many have they will say there partner died or had a illness. That want someone kind they want to be kind you. Thing is to good to be true its a scam. Yes you have to be careful those that catfishing but it was dating site years ago but it can happen any where but really there different kinds of cat fishing. They will read you see things you like try to be good to be true they are the kind want to hurry up in to love they say they have been single and there partner has passed they will try to get you to send them money for fake ticket or try to scam you with something else. Never give anyone one your info use your intuition. They will say whatever to get in your mind so use your intuition it tells the truth. If they are to good to be true. They are people that say god fearing they use words ( am ) in the all there sentences and there ( i ) are lowercase. They use seeking and seek they don't use ' Also there English is not well. They use cropped photo's and white at the bottom also photo's that they took from someone else. They use number that does not match up. Thing is they want sound the same or the language if they went on cam they will be still not talk they are not being truthful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trust is earned not given I learned years ago in energy healing school you can't give someone everything people can say what ever that want not what you say its what you do. This is a virtual world this why we have nicknames not are are real names its a beatitude place I was in a three year relationship with my ex in sl that went real in the past I meet him in second life at datemyavi in world we took the time to get to know each other and voiced and then via cam Once trust was both earned then was time to meet I did the traveling myself and traveled 3 times 2 hour flights. We live and learn and grow.
  9. Your a 100 percent true on this I agree yes its old fashion I am the same way. I am unattached in both I keep my self reserved it have to be someone special to really wake it up. If you are taken best to fix what you have or work out but its there life there freewill I have my likes others have there I am just one for one.
  10. Truthfully being if a guy came up to me asked me I will tell there partner because I have in my profile I don't flirt or bother with people that are taken or married even if its real. Just saying a loyal friend would tell you Just as in real that is how I am like a vow. . I don't play that game I am single in both but trust is a big things with me. Some people don't real profile's its best to rest before bothering someone.Once trust is broken it can never be again.
  11. Thing friends should not get mad you have them years you do give them time but you know what its your life also if friend tells you I don't like your new friend I ask them why have a heart heart talk if they get nasty then best to walk away. I am here for my friends but I like to have my time also someone gets nasty I don't put up with it.
  12. Well I was Sl married to someone for 3 years but not in real but we later meet in real I did play 1950s lifestyle women but I like to make as real its what you want truly does have to be role play. I use to roleplay long ago but was people I was close with but value others and self can make it real also two way street we do have feelings you make a person so here you are. Truly it should be also Positive role play Mind, Body, Soul make in to like real everything should be agreed on not force in to roleplay. What your intuition say meditate on what you desire should be things you don't want to do but what you love others that do also. I still play a stepford in real and Sl I will admit this long ago there was a stepford town everything was I love decorating making things nice love fashion the retro and fashion like I said its what you want it to be live and and breathe it. Just live how you want just stay positive.
  13. Best of luck to you nice intro you are really straight forward and honest.
  14. Trust is big thing for me. Love trust and bond. Once trust is broken it can never be again someone have to be upfront and honest. Every one has there freewill has a story. I just could never be with someone that is taken but ever floats you boat but if you get caught you have to deal with the consciousnesses.
  15. Do to changes that Trump signed a bill with SESTA / FOSTA that was passed a few days ago may want to look in to not sure that effects here in world.
  16. Some guys look for clothes for their lady or to gift her her.
  17. Hide your groups where you hang out at save your land marks don’t put them in your picks.
  18. Without respect, love is lost. Without caring, love is boring. With out honesty, love is unhappy. Without trust, Love is unstable.
  19. I have photo of myself in picks with real life photo with sticker says my avatar name ya that is good enough.
  20. I feel people should be careful doing this. I see a lot lonely girls put spoil me with link to pay them but really they have know idea this makes them look lazy lower then anything I know they are better then this they could do better with there life instead of standing around places waiting for a guy and I head guys getting tired them getting message if they will buy them stuff. Not saying everyone does this but it does make someone look uneducated it can be unattractive making someone walk away. Educate yourself read Emily post guys don't wanna hear buy me things all the time they want to hear intelligence and long term not games there. But its your second life live your life. But how you act is what you attract.
  21. You may have to try make it work like going to bed and wakeing up in the same time zone if you have time.
  22. If your looking for real you may want to show bit more your avatar for one your wants needs and desires.
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