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  1. You don't have to like someone but people should respect people boundaries if your not interested in them does mean you are but some people don't get it you have to tell them to bug off there are other fish in the sea for them. Attraction and how someone carry them self and the effect not really all looks but like you do in real. Its a bit of work but once you take the time its easy to do. The soul is more but what you put out there people see. You can be kind but if they Just asking for sexual things thinking they can get with you tell them to bug off. Note: that I added the quote well its helpful. Seems some people don't get it in Second life feel Just because they message you think you be instantly in to them Just because someone message someone does make mean its a hit and run has to be the right attraction the right energy and what they are looking for. Thing is you have a right to your boundaries Just as anyone else you do not have to do anything you don't feel conferable doing if someone does not attract you in the right way you don't have to learn to say no. People can be what they want but if don't find them appealing you can defender. I understand mesh has came along way there are free mesh body's and affordable ones in every range someone can really fix them self's up even being classy you can fix yourself as well. Appearance is what people see we do bring are energy and feelings to Sl but when people are mixing things up hiding it can really hurt people why trust is earned not given people have to get to know you don't have people rush you or tell you to take a Tp its like jumping in to a car you don't have to. Putting in effect takes time in to a avatar its how someone carry's them self ether classic or mesh if a guy or women been here for years they did read your profile but what to get with you then they need to know your interest people should learn them. Fine to chat with people make a friend but know one has to friend everyone they see. Keep your standards high never lower them for anyone. Thing is you can show people where to get things if they need help don't force them better to help them them judge but if they are being snotty best to let them learn that best to have patience in second life people need that things take time. Truly conversation is key and have deeper connection. Just like going for interview you look your best taking care yourself and self care half because half together Just does not do it so if your all fixed up you kinda want the same in return nothing should change that. Good luck. 
  2. I would just try a dating agency in world and go from their its your business your life what your looking for.
  3. You can Truly only makes yourself happy its not the same in Second life as real. But if find one as in real its a low key lifestyle in a modest way its not a forever career.
  4. How High Are Your Standards, Actually? Maybe Yes-No sorta of or minor or None.
  5. If your looking to go real you need to say little about yourself and meet them in world be upfront take your time. Really I done the thing in real it takes a few meetings and both people want to know what they are getting how it will work see if you get along also. Takes a few meetings takes a year before moving in together.
  6. I hope you find what your looking for. But its good to take your time spell check also helps know one is perfect. But they do have English classes in typing in second life you can learn in few hours or in days but good Etiquette for the outside world and online.
  7. But since you guys taking it slow Just be upfront both ways courtship take it slow. But being a stepford Just have to dress up keep up appearance be the little wife why the head of house hold goes out to work have the house done all cleaned up dinner on the table when he gets home. But he can reward you take you out to dinner.
  8. Courtship let the love build making little notes getaway places together taking photo's of the trips you go. Sky diving of the Eiffel tower.
  9. Lots of post wow every one has their own art of beauty.
  10. Yes its fine that someone does can be what ever they want. But some people want to know who the person is on the other end they want to know up front. If goes real.
  11. They have rings & nose rings other jewelry that are also rlv. Also discrete collars work for public or rings.
  12. Not really all about sex. Those that want to keep in second life that is fine. Those that like to type can stick with those like to type those like to voice can do that. . People can be what they want every one got their likes. If you Just like to type that is fine if you life to voice that is fine. But when a person is looking for real the person is going to want to deal with the excuses they will move on to someone that will. Truly know one should be forced to do anything but if the person is looking for real then they expect the same respect in return for then to voice and the other person to voice then later via cam and voice before meeting in real so they are not getting cat-fished by a person. My guy friend meet a girl online he got cat-fished by a women she did even look like her photo's looks are not everything but good to be truthful and upfront. Everyone has their likes. I came from imvu to second life I use to voice on the other one they took voice away I came to second life still I like to hear someone voice typing to me like being in the Desert with no sound just the air blowing. But be yourself do what you want why I always read people profile I would not force someone but I only suggest it tho then the person can think about it.
  13. Yes this why it takes someone very special to wake that up for the trust to get more of someone life in Sl relationship or even first life one.
  14. Second life is like real you pay for your property second life has to take care the servers on that property to reset hims and fix things that is what they do. Thing is work your way to things you can start flipping burgers if you have to get a decent job in real or make stuff in second life to make money to own land.
  15. I can understand if someone you had bad experience yes the trust thing goes out the window I been like that for some time why I went demisexaul. I understand some people have to keep it only in second life ether single or taken that is understandable I have few friends that do this because life may be different. I had friend that did meet a guy in real they are poly she meet him a few times she has moved in they seem happy. But I can say maybe it is rare sometimes it can happen the trust has to be their.
  16. ?Just Curious If you hit it off with someone would you go real with them and meet?? I have done it once found love in second life that did go real lasted three years. maybe not every one is in to it but if you have right connection and you hit off maybe love can really happen again for any one to go real or is this rare. I Meet my ex in July 2014 at a dating place in second life we dated for a few months he took me to Romantic spots in second life one I really loved sky diving from Eiffel tower in pairs, We first talked on voice and the via cam we both became sincere and upfront before meeting Then made arrangements to meet in real I traveled to Illinois to Texas I stayed for the holidays and did stay six months before Dec 2014 we married in second life when I came down the second time to see him in real. It lasted three years with good connection of love. I heard story of people that meet in second Life over the years that have meet in real and then moved in and got married in real. Does it still exist?
  17. Places in world to make friends you can make a panel to find a friend or meet and have conversation. Join the group its free in world and board panel only 1L. Its dating places also to find a friend many people do they voice or type chat to meet up in world board to explore or play a board game whatever your looking for. Second life connection. Land Mark:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lancashire/94/126/24 Actually Love Dating Agency Land Mark http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy/105/163/23
  18. Even was done by a troll some how this post is back from the time portal and reborn! I come to second life to explore and as getaway the fashion the experience with art. I am not second life for sex I like conversation getting to know someone with intelligence in the mind. Not every one is here for sex thought I let you know this some are their freewill on that part. Only thing I dislike some men can't read a profile think all women are for them this not true women are equal Just as men are we should also be treated with respect. When they say you gotta hot body I tell them no when they ask for sex I say no. I have in my profile not here for sex in the first life one. You could be at some classy place in gown only showing a little their still guys chatting you up or the same guy on his alts trying to get you. They will day lets go someone where else and dance its best to stay where you are you end up at a adult dance place with dances that may be over line I had it done when I find out I would leave. I no longer fall for this trick. They make excuses O its laggy lets go to my place don't go to their place Just to get you do things you may not feel like doing.Grown gentlemen would never ask for sex or say how hot your body is they say you look nice and start with conversation what comes in the mind. One thing I will say have some boundaries energy earned not given.
  19. You did pretty good and look good all that matters. True friend sticks by your side not get mad over by looks its the soul. Your body your rules know one can tell you how to live. Your ex-friend has issues find friends that embrace you ether mesh or classic.
  20. Well You come to second life you bring yourself here and your energy your sharing with the whole wide world. Meditate do breathing methods. Go outside 15 mins a day. Think postie stay in the present moment embrace what you have. You gotta let out but share with those you get to know and trust more you let go the more you are free. I have anxiety and ADHD we all have something know one is perfect we have to find what we can do. I study years ago became Master Teacher with energy healing to find ways to coup and stress management. meditation groups and talk and support groups. SOS is support group in world they help people that need support or some where to talk. SOS Support place Your not alone many people come to second life they come here also for new start this is a getaway. Survivors of Suicide Peer Support Group Depression Helpline in world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//174/31/24
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