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  1. Will this new Tilia System be part of the Buying Lindens process or ONLY for those who take Lindens out of world... And Does everyone have to have a Tilia Account even if they don't take L's out of secondlife?
  2. How do you get a gaming permit to hold raffle partys so you not in violation of the TOS
  3. Lady Dragon's Hunt Has several hunt getting ready to start.. Sept - Fly by the seat of your pants, Oct - Once Bitten.. Don't Die.. Nov - Turkey Shootin, Dec - Jingle Bells to Jingle Hells.. If your a designer and interested fill out a application at the site below.. if you enjoys hunts.. contact Lilyanna Mandrake in world and we can add you to group.. http://dragonsheart20032000.wixsite.com/ladydragonshunts
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