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  1. Thank you for the music Ardvinna Perhaps I should be listening to this classic survivors song lol And then there's this one which makes me feel better and i did actually send him the link to this lol
  2. So anyway, to break away from the battle, i didn't have a good start to the week. I heard so many songs that were either break up songs or that reminded me of him it sent me several steps backward in my recovery :-( Hope all you are having a better week.
  3. How did my post turn into this battlefield? Let's remember we're here to support each other.
  4. So anyway, yesterday I did log into SL and sent my ex-boyfriend and his new partner both individual notecards stating how I felt about what they had done.I stated my thoughts and feelings clearly and cooly. I know they received the notecards, i received the confirmation. Then I deleted them both from my friends list and blocked them. I found it a very cleansing experience. Yes i'm still down at times.I expect i will be for some time. But i'm throwing myself into my RL. Wishing all of you a pleasant weekend.
  5. Lady.....I totally relate to what you're going through, as i'm sure many others can. I've been there and cried and felt sick and generally miserable. You need the tears to help you heal, as well as to feel the misery, It's all part of the healing process. My relationship was only a few months, yours was 5 years. I can only imagine your loss. Please know there are people out there who will send you good wishes and support you.
  6. Well what i'm liking about this thread now is that it's got all you people talking to each other. Maybe you all knew each other before....i don't know but it's good to see you all interecting. Cheers me up a bit to see it. As for me.....i still have my down moments, but at least they are moments now and not days. Generally i'm on an upward trend I think. I'm sure i'll be back to SL eventually, I just need a bit more time and to be honest i'm enjoying trash TV and reading and walking and swimming a lot more than SL right now lol. Hope you all are good Lonny
  7. I actually feel a bit better today. I think just posting the blog and writing my feelings down has helped. And also, of course, so has seeing all your replies. Thanks for your kind words ladies and gentleman Lonny
  8. i don't know how much time you spent together but..i guess not that much..and i guess that's the problem..we meet in one day and the next day we fall in love and the very next day we got partnered C4dWorld.....my ex partner and Ia whole month before we actually became partners. During that time we got to know each other and each of us fell in love with the other without telling.....we were afraid to. I don't feel we rushed into things but I know what you say is true for many people on SL. I think we were the exception to the rule.
  9. OK yes, this is an alt accound created for the purposes of this thread, and for writing the blog below. http://lonnyenglish.blog.com/2014/03/02/my-virtual-world-heartbreak-is-real/ Maybe some of you will laugh, maybe some people will think i'm stupid, maybe some will think i'm trying to create drama but maybe someone will also consider how they treat others in SL
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