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  1. I can't see any improvement in this new system . And I would like to know if it mean that the old system already is out. I am trying to load my merchant box since last night and it just don't load. If i have no choice to stay at old system it mean that I will have to change my whole store in time to sell something at Valentines Day? I am trying to understand it better but the more I read the worse it seems.
  2. Now it all makes sense. I think I'm becoming paranoid with all this copy-bot selling :matte-motes-bashful-cute:. Thanks for the clarification. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. Thank you Theresa... i really did not know that Cacha ítems could be resold.
  4. I have a small store and I got an invitation to join an event as shopkeeper. I was really interested, they offer 3 different spaces, two of which you can have a Gacha. Now I was in the Market Place and found a store (Gacha YardSale) that offers products for sale, Gacha products. They are products from Belezza, Birdy, Zaara, Truth ... How can such a thing happen? It is copy-bot or just a huge hole in Cacha system? The items are transfer, but it allow people to sell it there?
  5. Velenu


    Well if you want to try mesh boobs i suggest Lolas Mirage, I think it looks better. But you will need appliers for skin, adjust it to dont show the mark on the skin.. I am thinking about pics here. If that is the case, keep your phototools in neutral light... can help a lot. If you want a nice "natural" breasts without mesh boobs, you can use weight in 40, putting the boobs a bit down ^^. I think what make the boobs really weird is having them touching your nose. Size 60 is ok. More than this, only a good skin can do.
  6. All tips are great. I would suggest a look at the best sellers in the Market Place, easy to search it. It can not be your reference point but can show you what people are buying now... Good lucky!
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