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  1. Hi all so I unpartnered someoneone in sl I have all their alts that i know of blocked too but this person bought me some gifts when we where together (cheapies) and this person has gone to a redelivery terminal so I get spammed with the same stuff over and over and I really want them to stop as it wastes my time trying to delete them all and clutters my inventory anyhelp would be great!
  2. Im not against sl avatars but i feel very weird towards them since sl is famous for virtual sex and dating mostly. However child avatars are good for family role play. I never owned and never will own a child avi. I dont see much of a point to them either unless you have a sl family and very weird looking no offence to child a avatars. I know a few people who use child avatars and love them however they are all in a role play family.
  3. Never mix rl with sl unless you know them in rl. Sl is known to break up rl couples too! All I can say is let things happen naturally, be careful and stay safe ❤️ there are some awful people in sl who get a kick out of breaking hearts but there are also some super nice people who can be your friend for life its a roll of the dice really like some say he could have a partner in rl get to know each other and just be friends for now and see where things go 😃
  4. A few days ago after renting a skybox for my breedables another renter messaged me with a image attached he had some of my breedables on his skybox that where on mine. Im not going to name this guy because I found it funny and the guy was really nice. He gave me his location on the parcel and he had some of my breedables specifically positioned on his platform eg he had one of my breedables on its side lying in a pool of blood on the floor out side and another on the kitchen table with a butcher knife through its neck he isnt the land owner or co owner and definitely doesnt have my object rights Im just so puzzled on how he moved them with out my rights and has this happened to anyone else? 😃 ill try to post a pic next time I log in to my computer
  5. So yesterday I woke up and found one of my neighbours had rezzed their items on my land WITHOUT my permission. Now, before anyone says "you should have made sure objects are restricted to you or group only" I did! Only group members where supposed to be able to rezz on my land. The only members who where in this group are my alts ( I use them for roleplaying) anyway, this person found my group and joined with out my knowledge to rezz their items and never picked them up. This person got me in trouble with LindenLabs because the LL thought it was either my objects or that this person had my permission to rezz. Im really upset that this person had gotten me in trouble with the LL and I was at risk of losing my account all because of this one person who thought it would be ok to join my private group made for my closest friends and alts. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind people rezzing on my land as long as they pick it up after. Hence, letting only my closest friends rezz there. I asked all my friends in my group if they knew who this person was and nobody did. I know these people in real life and I know they would never lie to me. It would seem as though this person had edited one of my objects and joined the group rezzed out a few obnoxious items and then left the group. I finally figured out how to close my group so people can only join if I invite them but still! I got a strike from lindenlabs because of someone rezzing on my land with out my permission or knowledge. No one should have to go through this. No one expects to go to their linden home to find some people joining the group they have to rezz their own things there and get the owner in trouble with the LL. The thing is I didn't even see the items they had rezzed either. I found out someone had been using my land because of the text saying I ran out of prim which I knew straight away wouldn't be right as I know my prim limit and my items prims. Once I saw this persons name taking up ALL of my remaining prim I am absolutely fuming. Not only did this person got me a strike with the LL, I had to revoke my friends privileges to rezz on my land to make sure it wont happen again, not even my alts can rezz on my land now. Yes, I made the mistake of using a open group for my land, but even so, no one expects random people to join a group made just for close friends, family and alts just to rezz some things there that would get the owner in trouble with linden labs. I would contact the LL about all this but I doubt they will believe me since I already returned the objects of this person and hadn't written their name down. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same person who filed a report on me. Before I even found this persons objects LL kept contacting me and giving me warnings for almost 2 days, it was the 3rd day when I found the persons objects. I had no idea what they where talking about and figured they must of contacted the wrong user. Now I know why and I would hate to see a someone else go through this. I still don't understand why the LL contacted me instead of that person maybe they rezzed on my land before with out me knowing and did contact them about it or maybe LL thought this person was sharing the home with me I will never know. Hopefully, that will be the last of that incident and it never happens again. So guys if you own a linden home please be carefull and always check on your land and the group you are using for it!
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