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  1. Ah, forgot. Is this Radegast any good? Sounds nice.. but can you see your avatar on it? Somehow?
  2. Yes, I understand, that's why I asked. Better safe then sorry, right? ^w^ But since I can't run the official SL viewer (well, it does run but before it shows me anything, says that my graphic card is old, in brief.), I have to resort to those.. Technically, i believe since I can run IMVU quite smoothly, maybe there's just a little more to be able to run Second Life.. Sadly I can't afford upgrades But I really want to get out of that crude style botox-infested bling galore dumb people on IMVU. I just tried RainbowViewer1-22-12-7SSE since it was suggested for older PC-s and even AMD.. but kind of.. didin't work. Ohwell.
  3. Hello, everyone ^w^ I'm excited to find I can finally be on SL normally. I can't afford a new graphic card or PC upgrade so my PC could never take the graphics. On Answers, I found I can use 3rd party viewers for older PC-s/Windows-es. The only that i'm worried is.. well, are they developed specifically for SL? I wouldn't like if I installed one and install a ton of other stuff besdies just what it needs for SL. Can i trust most of these 3rd party viewers?
  4. I know and understand it's because of the graphics and the quality but technically it's not very "third-worldly country-friendly".. As much as I want to be on Second Life my PC can't run the viewer and I can't afford upgrading my computer/graphic card or a whole new computer. I've been checking the system reqs often, hoping for a change with all my heart for a while now but decided I got to finally ask. I'm in awe with Second Life's style and everything and it's getting very hard for me to be stuck with the crude botox-infested bling style and the (dumb) likes of people on IMVU... Since I can run that, I think it's very close to my PC being capable of running Second Life.. so I really hope you could somehow make a running version that may take away a bit of quality but be more hardware-friendly. Everything here is so much more realistic and beautiful.. And something else - I'm not in Japan but I always prefer to use the language on software and online stuff whenever available or possible, and I see SL has the option! Aah, there are many more reasons why I got captivated by SL.. and if only I could run it, I'd be like the happiest person in the world.
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