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  1. Hello! I'm Niffy and I have three avatars I play. An adult female, a 19 year old male and a 6 year old child. I'm looking for friends on all three, though if you only want to be friends with one of them that's fine. Which one I play depends on my mood that day. I love standing around on my land, spending time with my SL family, watching movies and youtube, taking pictures and of course shopping and exploring. So if you wanna chat or hangout, message me in world, I won't be watching this thread for replies.
  2. The parcel info says 180319 purchased protected sea Spandarmat sail to Blake Sea 88x31.7m 351 prims 1024 sq L$24,999 from LaqueeshaQueen. And it looks like there's a decent amount of landland and some water access but not a lot of prims at all. Do with that what you may.
  3. You're reading this which means you are already interested in financially providing for my whims and wishes. You already know what is expected of you, and if you are interested you may contact me, I would like both an offline message and a notecard. If you send just one I will ignore it. I expect both of these items. If you only send one, I will know you are incapable of following even the most basic of instructions and therefore unworthy of my time. Inside the notecard and the IM, you should greet me as the princess that I am, thank me for taking the time to read your message, and tell m
  4. Just want some other parents on sl to hang out with. Maybe single parents, maybe married. Idk just like... to hang out and stuff when the kids aren't on or around. Makes sense right? If you wanna meet up IM me in world. (And by parents I mean SL parents of like Child and Teen avis.)
  5. Sure do you have a particular thread I should put it in, or should I just start a random debate on partnering anonmously?
  6. But that's no fun. I don't want to partner myself. It's much more interesting to have someone you don't know. Cause when people ask who tha is you can say, I have no clue!
  7. We don't ever have to talk or anything, if you don't want to. Just wanting someone to fill the empty void on my profile. Feel free to send your proposal and I shall accept! It does not matter to me your gender or species. I eagerly await to find the other half of my profile! I have a partner now, thanks everyone who messaged me!
  8. I have to agree with Chi. A "true" submissive doesn't need to truely be submissive to anyon other than to whomever they are collared too. I am a submissive, and yes I would do mostly anything for me dom, but at the same time he has to be mindful of my feelings and my beliefs. It's a mutual thing. I choose to let him dominate me because I know he is a good person. And that took some time to build up that bond before he asked and I accepted his collar. You're looking for one of those instant slaves who don't even want to think for themselves and at the same time is about as loyal as a Benedict A
  9. I never got a chance to talk to you on skype. I fell asleep and then by the time I remembered you'd removed me....
  10. are you looking for them to blog rl fashion or sl fashion?
  11. Wait.. those aren't even your pictures? Like you didn't make that and that's not you? Why even use them then....
  12. I really want to say that hair is from ploom... But I'm not entirely sure. I really think it's from ploom though. Ploom or Magika.
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