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  1. Hi Rolig! Thanks for your reply! I used my Paypal account to purchase my lindens. The PayPal is tied to my bank account. This explains my bank charges. Oddly, I don't see history on my Paypal account for the purchases. The extra purchases history only appears on my bank statement online. What can I do? My bank account was charged 7 times. I want to remove those extra charges. That's what I need help with.
  2. Hello! I'm having a problem currently with my transaction history in my bank. In my marketplace history, it shows only one purchase for today (Friday July 17th, 2020). I used a my Paypal to buy lindens. My bank account (it's tied to my Paypal) charged my failed attempts due to an error from second life: "There was a problem charging your payment method." The above message was received after making multiple linden purchases. My bank history shows 7 attempts. I have also spoke to the seller of the item to see if they can help me out. Should I also speak to my
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