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  1. Hey Second Life. I've got some ideas of making short movies with my friends in SL. What would I need to pull this off? Software stuff and if I need to Legal stuff.
  2. To anwser your first question yeah, I've met plenty of people that confess to having "Alts". I even had a boss in SL who would sneak her alt in just to see that we where doing our job. I don't think there is anything negative to having multiple accounts. It's like an extra layer of trust that you can tell people when you feel close enough to. As for do I see them seperatly, yes sort of. I made an account to help out a friend that was doing Bloodline and that avi has a story and stuff. My DJ avi has connections so I can DJ and have a regular flow of Lindens. Then I have MY Avi, which s for me to have fun with. 3 avis all diffrent and no frownie face.
  3. Thanks PC I'll have to do that. I found a track that had my times in the open chat. I'd love to just run with a small group and try to beat ech other's times. I'll keep looking and keep asking questions thanks.
  4. Been on SL for a minuet and after hitting a track I fell in love with my Furd. I've been wondering if there are any car clubs or groups on SL that reguarly meet up and ride?
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