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  1. Ran into the same problem with latest viewer. Had to go back to an old Second Life_3_7_16_294015_i686_Setup that I had. That version seems to be running just fine outside of a self made gitch with the water settings that happened due to me adjusting Debug settings in my viewer at the time. I no longer get reflections in SL water the way I used to with basic shaders enabled. Stats for my old laptop computer to help the search. Dell Model Inspiron INSP1440 Processors are Pentium ® Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz 64- bit Operating System. Display adapters is a Mobile Intel® 4 sSeries Expre
  2. My appologise to Ebbe Linden for turning his welcome to SL thread into a help the newbie on purchasing land in SL with my post. Thank you to everyone for the helpful information and links that were so quickly provided. Welcome again to SL Ebbe and best of luck to you.
  3. Oh well now I feel silly for asking for something that already exists but can't learn if you don't ask the question I suppose. Thanks for the letting me know that its possible to do the land tier transfer Storm Clarence.
  4. Welcome to Second Life Ebbe and congratulations on the new job. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in the getting SL back on track. I am relatively new to SL and do not know all the back story and history of what has been tried before and what has failed miserably over the years in SL. That said I do have a request that seems simple and logical to me with how I hear there is all this unused and abandoned mainland lying about. Allow Linden home owners to transfer their existing land tier they have to one of these empty Linden owned plots of land elsewhere. The Linden homes are a nic
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