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  1. I know this thread is very old and I think there are other threads on the same topic. I had the same problem and could NOT find any reliable information at all. Then one day, in Builder's Brewery, a long-time SLer made a suggestion, that up front, seemed odd. But, I figured, what the hell! I'll give it a try. Now, before I go into this "fix", which did work for me, I have to say, in order to do this, you'll need to know how to script, at least a little bit AND the mesh that you have a problem with, you need to have at least >>COPY/MOD<< rights so that you can put a script into it. First, please make a copy of the mesh and work on the copy so that nothing goes wrong with the one you use daily. This may not work in every case. Apparently, the disappearing/corrupting mesh issue I was having, was actually caused by the viewer itself, not "SL", per say. When you TP, the viewer needs to track the objects/attachments and update itself. If I have this right, I think this problem happens when the viewer glitches and loses "something" and doesn't update the mesh(es) and BOOM! Gone, corrupted or just messed up (seen or not seen). This seemed to happen mostly when TP'ing to laggy regions. In my case, I'd TP and I'd still "See" the mesh, but it would stop working. If I clicked on it, depending on where I was, it would usually just disappear. I'd have to TP home (no lag area), then usually I could TP back to the bad lag area). This happened, probably, 85% of the time! So, not the fix that worked for me and yes, it may seem weird, but it has worked for me. Since I wrote the script to do this, I haven't had a single failure yet. What someone suggested to me, was to just write a script that upon change, to just make the mesh transparent for a second then back to normal! Yup, that was it. In my case, I figured, this was an good opportunity to make a cute TPing effect. Also, I did have some issues, not often, when crossing regions. So, I though, I might as well make the script trigger on both TP and region change. (note IF statement). So in my code, I made the mesh (just 1 face of it) transparent at 50%, changed its color, captured the current texture, then changed the texture to a fun one and animated it. I added a llSleep(2.0); // 2 second delay. After the delay, returned the texture and color to normal, and stopped the animation. That's it! For those who don't want to do a cute TP effect, you could just find any face on the mesh, perhaps one that is not as obvious, then just flip transparent, pause 1-2 seconds, flip back. That should work too. The code would be: changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_TELEPORT || change & CHANGED_REGION) { Put your code here to change transparency back and forth. } } It's pretty simple and for me, actually works. In my case, I just added the code to the main script in the mesh object, but you could create a new, tiny script to handle this. Hopefully, this will work for others.
  2. Old post I know, but now in Sep2014, problem still there. Sure, it may not be considered important to get updated, but hey, it was important enough to be available before, so for some of us, it's important now. The one workaround, however, is clearing cache. Then the picuture will be udpated with next logoff, but may not change after that. That being said, CACHE! if clearing the cache allows the picture to get updated, then it has to be just 1 cache file. Certainly the developers would know that filename that is used or how to find it. If we could find this out, then it would be easy enough to just delete that file after logging off and be a reasonable workaround. Just say'n
  3. CAN I CALL IT OR WHAT! ROFL I won't say who (2 ppl), but thanks for the L$100.. it was a joke... but thanks ROFL :matte-motes-bashful: Oh.. sigh... the parrot isn't dead.. but it is flailing on the floor a bit... all gray though... oh wait... he's supposed to be gray. All joking aside, but my avatar is gray and staying that way. Hopefully it'll be fine by the time I get home. Thanks all, this was fun.
  4. How do I know? Well, I do not. BUT, I have to leave in 15-20 mins to catch a train home. Murphy's law has been a real B lately. Therefore, it will be that once I leave, it all comes back on line! ROFL :matte-motes-evil: :matte-motes-big-grin: if I'm right. L $100 tip from everyone, OKAYYY? >> snickers
  5. No no, they are still on hold with Tech Support over seas! >evil grin< :matte-motes-evil:
  6. 05-20-2014 11:18 AM Playing devil's advocate, so please don't yell at me...lol! We are all grown enough to know that s#*t happens, especially in the computer world. We don't know what the actual issue is, and it must be (cough cough....blushing due to a previous proclomation) huge. ~~*Chaos in a poetic manner*~~ UmmmHmmmm! LOL :matte-motes-big-grin: I'm a certified computer professional, :matte-motes-nerdy: I know huge when I see it... and YEAH YEAH I know you'lll have a joke about that word considering my logon name! LOL :matte-motes-big-grin:
  7. RMFAO!!!!!!! THAT is the funniest post yet and probably TRUE!!!! ROFL @Freenis omg, too funny :smileyvery-happy: << falls down; giggles; pees a lil
  8. Forget the lights! What about my poor little Parrot, Chulo? He'll die of starvation if he doesn't get a (sorry in advance) BYTE to eat. >> sorry LOL
  9. No. That applies to calling the IRS and expecting a positive answer. Logging in might have a different result.... not sure when... but... :matte-motes-big-grin:
  10. Stil, THE PARROT! THE PARROT! ROFL :matte-motes-big-grin: But seriously, I'm not complaining. I work in the industry and I totally get unexpected failures. Some more widespread than others. For my, my post was more to bring a smile to anyone's face, like I'm worried about a digital Parrot. LOL :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  11. This must be huge. That message of the handshake, at least means we are getting authenticated by the authentication servers. But it's the next process to locate and attach to the region you want to get to, is where the problem is. Why I think this is huge, is because I've tried to get to regions around the world that I know of and not one responds. Someone in IT is gonna get their hands slapped! :manwink: NOTE TO SELF: NEVER PRESS THE "ANY KEY" LOL
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