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  1. You understand some pratical uses for these types of collars. Not only for Gor RP. (which I will get into why what you want to do destroys my fun and reason for having a male and female avatar in Second Life.) I personally know wives and parents that do not allow thier or teens to play second life without them. Okay it sounds like you either were griefed or walked into a Gor sim. If I am playing a female avatar on a Gor sim, I want the danger of bbeing force collared and controlled. Now while many view Gor as a bdsm thing it really is not. Fans of the book know this. While slavery is common in the Gor universe and a majority are women. There are some bdsm qualities with the whip and chain dances. Not every slave is used sexually. Only pleasure slaves are, in the books there are intracasies of the master slave relationship that is very interesting. Also the culture of the planet, the women accept it and few are actually miserable about it. Barbarian women (women abducted from earth by the priest kings. Which in sl Gor you have to sign up for those in most cases.) that aren't outright killed after resisting and trying to escape are the only ones that are according to the books. Also bodily functions are not required on sl, unless you put in the command for it. There are many valid reasons for keeping them from being banned. Not all for bdsm sexual practices either. One final question how is controlling if an avatar can im or not sick? Other than when used for griefing purposes, a 1st lif spouse can use something like this to be able to control what her husband does and vise versa. Not that I agree with it as much as a 1st life parent doing this to thier kids. Which is an ethical and psychological academic discussion that is irrelevant to this post. I find a lot of things that are accepted in 1st life society as a mental sickness. Like our patriarchal society. But I do not normally voice this opinion or press my views on other people. Nor do I try and destroy someone's fun in a videogame because of my personal beliefs. Plus how does these collars break any laws in other countries. Are there countries that regulate what happens in a virtual world? As long as it doesn't happen in the physical world to my knowledge it breaks no laws as it stands currently.
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