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  1. Thank you! I will contact you quickly.
  2. Hello all ! I am looking for someone who would be able or would have the habit of celebrating a wedding. This one would be Gothic vampiric and would take place in a crypt. The date is not fixed but we expect to have all stakeholders before we decide. Thank you in advance for your answer! *waves*
  3. Christmas getaway I know myself .. I will give in to temptation .. Cold but beautifull
  4. What I like most about SL is to always discover new places .. often abandoned but so beautiful.
  5. Weeell.. It's interesting Sure a lot of ppl will be please by this pics
  6. And a new hairstyle ^^ ... Always with a purple touch (I'm unable to change....)
  7. I find a software very easy to use : PhotoFiltre. Totaly free ^^
  8. WInter is coming.. sooo.. new winter outfits =))
  9. Weeell.. Catwa head.. I worked a lot to try to make it look as much as possible to my old head .. not quite satisfied .. but I'm a perfectionist so I guess it'll just have to get used to ^^ C
  10. WORK TIME ! Am I disturbing you ??? Yes ???? Aww...
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