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  1. Still plenty of room in our Events team ♥
  2. Hey sugars! Pink Velvet is looking for reliable female DJ's and Hostesses to expand our events pool! At this point we're having only few events weekly so you're basically free to pick the times that are suitable for YOU and we're up for suggestions about what theme there would be on your event! We have plenty where to choose from, so you won't need to think about the theme DJ's gets 100% of their tips and hostesses does get 90% of theirs. Even if you're not yet quite sure what times you'd like to pick, but potentially looking for work, do contact! DJ's can take over the stream when ever they like, when there's no events going on ♥ But for this option we'd like to have you for two hours at the time, or atleast an hour ♥ We would like YOU to be RELIABLE, one we can count on that you will show up for your event. If you feel comfortable to be around nudity as Pink Velvet is Dance and Strip club. DJ's aren't required to strip if they're not willing, so there's no need to worry about that ♥ Do not hesitate to contact or visit the club (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prime Treasure/14/235/22 ) and see if there's any staff around who could give you a hand DJ's can find application at the club for them. Also you can get your application for DJ or hostess position from any of the managers, preferably Zuzu, Tanya or Fal ♥ DJ's can contact ღஐтんє 乙υ乙υஐღ (evilzuzu) Hostesses can contact Tanya (tanya1979) If either of them are available, do leave them message, or do contact me ﺴ Ŧαℓ 'ℓιℓ ωιρ' Hαωt ﺴ (falwip)
  3. Hi! I'd be interested to become dancer to your club. I have no previous experience, but i'm rather quick to learn ^^ I'm usually online at morning times in SL world. Hope to get contact from you With love Falwip
  4. Hi! If you're looking for a dancer, i'd love to join your crew! I'm only six days old in SL, but i keenly wanna start making some lindens while having good time! My timezone is UTC+02:00 and i'm usually online from evening till early night. Thanks for the reply forehand!! With Love Falwip
  5. Hi! I'm only few days old in world of Second Life, and i'm searching for some jobs, and i'd like to begin my working career as a dancer. My timezone is UTC+02:00 and i'm usually online within evening times and would like to do something useful and get some lindens while having fun Could you reply me if you can provide me some work Thank you forehand already ^^ With love Falwip
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