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  1. Well it would be nice to find a spot to talk to people and maybe find a dating partner. Seeing as my area blows for dating and online dating I figured to give this a try but as I stated this is proving way more complicated than I initially thought. I'm not here for adult oriented stuff and EVERYTHING I've seen so far is adult oriented . I really would love to try finding women on something like this though as I think its much funner than dating websites by far. i might try this another time but for right now I'm too confused to try it any more today.
  2. Well I give up this is too confusing, most places I seem to go has no one in it, other ones that DO, no one talks this isn't for me. Sorry to have wasted your guys' time.
  3. Well I think I'm out of my element here... I'm a hardcore gamer. I thought maybe I could find like minded people here but I'm learning more an dmore this isn't anything like I thought it was. Well part of it is anyway. So far 90% of what I've run into is adult oriented stuff and I just want to sit down and chat with people... all I see is people running around half naked or just doing nothing, music playing thats really REALLY loud, had to mute music. Could be nice attempt to find online dating without the **bleep**ty dating website garbage I've used in the past. Oh well guess I'll just
  4. Next dumb question, where are some decent rooms, or lands or whatever they are called i dont know yet , where I might start conversing with people of my type? or how do I find people who are like me if that makes more sense?
  5. Ah ok. Does that include better camera controls I'm hoping as the one for this program are very hard to get used to So far chatting with anyone has proven...useless as no one seems to want tl talk?
  6. I still have no idea where to go to meet people I'm a bit shy when it comes to this type of thing which is partly why I stopped doing chat rooms and such. all I see is adult oriented stuff which I'm sure alot of ppl are into apparently. I have no idea where to even go to meet women not in this adult oriented stuff or correct me if I'm wrong?
  7. First and foremost, I'm not used to this virtual world stuff. I can't even properly manage the camera controls. I would love to find people like myself to chat with to meet people. I dont know how realy to explain this . To Theresa: Ok, I dont mean weird to be trouble, if thats what you are refering to. But the video I saw had weird avatar things though alot of what they were "saying" was just dumb. I'm far from normal. I do weird things, I say weird quirky things, thats what I mean.
  8. I mean I kinda get it's like a chat thing? I haven't really done the chat thing in some 15+ years. I don't frequent forums that much either. I pretty much keep to myself for the most part but I came across this on youtube via vinesauce. It looked....weird. I downloaded it in an attempt to find this place, or places shown. I am by nature a weird person. I like weird things. I wanted to make a weird avatar and project myself in a weird way. Getting on Second Life, embarrassingly enough, I find I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I play video games hardcore. I'm a hardcore gamer.
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