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  1. At the b|ueprint, we strive to build the dreams of our clients with a custom design that fits their lifestyle or simply placing a build to fulfill the land of our clients. Currently seeking landscapers and customer representatives. Landscapers set their price and receive all of it. Customer representatives are paid per booked client. IM (siera.macintyre) if you are interested. Please have a portfolio on hand if you are inquiring about landscaping. (Services) - Interior Designing (Home, Office, Etc) (We have a lot of furniture to choose from to include, {what next}, LAQ Decor, Silence, ~Bazar~, A.E, CHEZ MOI, hive //, [Brixley] and more. If we do not have it, we will get it and provide it for you at no extra cost up, furniture may not exceed 2500L. - Residential & Commercial Building placement ( We have many homes and buildings to include, ROOST, Cloverleaf, Galland, Kudzu, [DEER], [GB], Du Monde, dust bunny, Alouette and more. If we do not have it, we will get it and provide it for you at no extra cost, builds may not exceed 5000L. - Commercial Building placement - Landscaping - Holiday Prop Placing - Party Designing - Etc (Building Placements) Have you ever wanted to buy a home or building, but could not afford it? the b|ueprint will buy it for you and place it, at no extra charge to you. If any work that is done for you is ever to be removed, the b|ueprint will put it back for free if it is the same location originally. If you have an idea or suggestion. Please feel free to ask, we may be able to perform the service for you. Visit our facebook page here for more information: https://www.facebook.com/The-blueprint-107260770917066/?modal=admin_todo_tour In-World Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocraco Island/220/227/30
  2. Hi JudeConnors, Currently Biology, Vocabulary Workshop, Chemistry, Music and Performance Arts are all taken by various professors. However, I am open to any class being taught. IM me INWORLD (siera.macintyre) with any suggestions that you would like to teach.
  3. WCU is looking for professors from all across the globe. Teach any class you want, anytime you want. For more details: West Coast University
  4. Like any other SL job. Money involved or not. Applications are in place. Therefore, this application is there for a reason as well. Upon submission, I know who you are to schedule a personal interview. Thank you for your concern.
  5. West Coast University is looking for more personnel to instruct classes at the Campus. Also looking for people to fulfill the Fire Department and Clinic Roleplay positions. Currently Taken: Biology, Intro to Medicine, Vocab Workshop, Business Literature, Music and Creative Writing. Would Like: Mathematics, Fashion Class, Building, Sciences, Language Arts, Culinary Arts, Agricultural, and more. Also looking for Club and Sports sponsors. Contact Siera MacIntyre for details. Apply Here: https://westcoastuniversity.squarespace.com/become-a-instructor Visit us Here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/West Coast/104/45/23 For Fire and Clinic: Contact Kylewforrester resident
  6. Hi I am looking for a qualified individual who can create mesh cheerleading uniforms to my liking that will require the initials of the team. Preferably ones that fit mesh bodies. Please be prepared to show portfolios of previous or current work via pictures and in-world.
  7. Please only comment if you are interested in what I am advertising. Everything else is irrelevant. You guys missed the point, and are trying to tell me what to do with my post. I always advertise how I see fits me and it’s worked the whole 9 years plus that I’ve used Secondlife. Again, as I stated previously. People will apply to make themselves known. That way I can set up an interview to meet and we go from there. I’m not looking for perfection. It’s an open opportunity. There are no major requirements. It’s an open voluntary position. Note: I also stated that in the coming weeks, the campus will become visible for all eyes. Right now, I am only searching for volunteers to fill positions and will discuss more information through personal communication.
  8. I said contact me if you have more information regarding what you are applying for. The website explains what the sim has to offer. By Apply, it means that you will be instructing in role-play and applying for the position so I know who you are and to receive your instructor tag. If anything. How could you start a position if you haven’t applied for it? Know what I mean?
  9. West Coast University Background: In the coming weeks. WCU will be fully developed and ready to take residents to the next level. The campus is for role-players and will be very realistic and offer classes that you can learn from and take to the real-world. Or simply, refresh your brain. Not only will the University offer classes. But will offer sports, clubs and so much more. Nestled on the campus lies restaurants, dorms, homes, swimming pools, frat houses, sororities and great scenery. Reason: WCU is looking for candidates to instruct and lead the students of West Coast University. We are looking for superior people that are here to have a good time and not to collect a paycheck. Unfortunately, instructing positions are voluntary and unpaid due to the University having a free attendance option. Opportunities: More offers are also available. Such as: University Dean, Assistant Dean, Nurses, Librarians, Sports Coaches, Club Sponsors, Lunch Ladies/Men, Admins, etc. If you are interested in any of these positions. Please get in touch with (siera.macintyre). The Campus is also equipped with emergency services and will require police officers, paramedics and doctors. For more information on these positions. Please contact (siera.macintyre) All positions are unpaid and voluntary. However, complex positions may offer a salary. Contact: If you would like more information, please contact me in-world. Apply here: West Coast University Instructor Application
  10. Thanks everyone. I have successfully hired someone to do the job.
  11. I am on the search for someone who can design a sim for me that resembles a very realistic college campus. Please IM in-world if you are capable of doing the job. If you have more questions, IM as well. We will also discuss payment. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have been a long time member of SL and have gone through almost every possible business aspect of the software. From real estate, schools, adoption/dating agencies, clubs, managing and so forth. However, I would like to try something new. I have an idea of starting a SL College that is *respectively* rated for the general audience. You will see elementary and high schools for the SL kids throughout the globe, and maybe a College here and there but they most likely have an Adult theme. My vision is to have a whole College campus on a full sim and possibly expand, depending on the popularity of the sim. I have most of the resources for as buildings, layouts, finances and etc. I would just like a partner to help get things started and maintain the vision with me. I am looking for serious inquiries only. My goal is to make this College as realistic as possible. With beneficial classes, clubs and sports. Along with dorms and hot spots. Beware that the cost of this idea is strongly expensive, both financially and mentally.
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