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  1. 14000L for a Roadside parcel that is 14176SQM. Contact Ariyana Kiyori for more information or visit. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Highflyer/36/242/124
  2. Not here to start anything or argue. The creator of this post is or was looking for a job. And I listed mine. That’s all.
  3. T Those photo studios are taking a certain amount of what you charge. For instance, if you charge about 2000L for a photo. That studio will probably take either half of that or 20% out of each photo that you do . Something along the sort, because the client came to the studio looking for an artist. Compared to you paying a small fee once a month. That one photo that you do will cover the fee for the whole month. Rather than each photo, a percentage is being taken out. To me, it makes sense for you to get your whole service paid to you and 100% tips and you just pay a small mo
  4. Bumping Spots still available. I am offering waived maintenance fees for 30 days. So come on in so we can start booking you some clients!
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking for a few artists who may be interested in working for a new photography studio. Perks include but not limited to: Clients come to us wanting to book with artists. No need to go out and try to find clients or spend hours advertising with no luck. We do all the heavy lifting over here! We have a photo studio that is designated for our artists only. In the event that you would like to add furnishing at the designated time of the photo-shoot. Feel free! Clients are booked for you and will keep you up to date as well as your client. Artist of
  6. I will be looking for photographers within the next week for my photo studio if you are interested. No application required! Just meet up with me and show me your gallery. Perks include: Setting your own rates and getting paid 100%, plus full tips. Meaning if you want to charge 2K for a artistic photo. You get paid that in full plus tips that clients like to give. Having your own spot to perform photo shoots and don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding clients. We book clients for you and all you have to do is paint! All we ask is that you pay a small monthly fee for maintenance.
  7. Applications are still open. Submit yours today! As long as you meet the requirements, you will be hired!
  8. You may rent it after your first week, and your base pay will be able to cover it as long as you work the required hours.
  9. We are hiring lovely ladies to take on the spotlights of our stage. Stable pay every week. Awesome advantages and perks. Wonderful staff and luxuries. Apply today!
  10. We are still taking applications, always! 500L hiring promotion has ended. We still have various perks and awesome pay rates. Come and check us out
  11. Hi Jazz, We prefer for our ladies to be at least 99% human. Meaning, ears and small tails are okay. As long as your character still resembles somewhat of a human.
  12. No experienced required to work under our beautiful team. We are open to non-exclusive ladies and pay by the hour plus tips!
  13. Thank you for joining our team Itsdri. We are still hiring and looking for wonderful ladies to join our team. 500L hiring bonus is still applicable. If you’re not good at emoting or this kind of craft. Fear no worries! We are here to help and teach you! No experience required.
  14. Applications are still open. We have also added a 500L hiring bonus! Don’t miss out on this opportunity.
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