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  1. Well Bela, I completely agree with you: how it is fair for one person rolling about 45 alts grabbing all the good location, and dumping the undesirable. It is specially frustrating when this person is just decorating the yard and moving on: Obviously you can have 1000000 alt, but at the end of the day you are only one person. I is not fair, we have zero chance against these odds, specially when the lab only gives us just 5 tries in 24 hours. **** How about making it a tiny bit more fair by tripling the number of attempts for people with less than 5 alts? and keeping it the same for someone with over 10 clones? *** For those copying decor it is a disgrace, I can understand that you see a piece of furniture or something you like from your neighbor, but to systematically copy every single item is shameful. It hurts because when our friend come to visit, how do they know who copied who? So much variety here. Let our personality shine .As Bela mentioned, all these things seem small to someone looking from the outside, but yes they really hurt our feelings because we love Belisseria, and are invested in our community.
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