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  1. It's the internet, in which animosity reigns surpreme. Second Life is just the meta-verse of the internet, so all the horrible things you'd expect from any other website can also come to life here.

    And don't think being a furry makes life easier; not only can other furries be racist and rude, they'll start to slap a lot of negative animal stereotypes on you. As long as you're white and happen to be a fox, wolf, dog, or cat, you're pretty much safe... All other racial groups/animal combinations tend to get picked on... Heck, I'm a white guy, but because I always use some kind of reptilian, avain, or shark as my avatar, I tend to get a few disgruntled comments from the other furries.

  2. I seemed to have found another hairstyle that will work in the mean time; it's not too bad...


    And while I'm at it, let's just show off some more pictures of the most boring shark in the world!


    And you can't get more boring than playing a piano... Because everyone knows that piano players are boring!


    Ahhh Second Life... Where I can go off and be a lonely, miserable man! Or um... shark...

  3. You are able to use mesh hair on the model, but as the case is with your rabbit, the head is often smaller to work with mouth meshes and thus I can't rescale the head without screwing up the eyes and muzzle!

    And I could say that Japanimation hairstyles are in, but then again, furry characters have always been known to have some pretty wacky hairstyles... =P

  4. UncommonTruth wrote:

    Maybe if you post a pic showing kind of what you're looking for in a hair, we can help find something that'll work
     I think I've seen one of the shark avis inworld, pretty cool

    Something that kind of looks like this (well, this how I draw things... So hopefully it isn't too horrible of an example)...


    It's a kind of hairstyle that I've been using for a very long time on my characters; perky bangs in the front that don't block out the face, while the rest of the hair is long in the back... If you want to see other examples (although a lot of weird garbage), my deviant art gallery has some examples:


  5. Umaeril wrote:

    @ Artie - Interesting! So what are you? 

    A shark...

    I'm using the Avinity shark avatar, in which I didn't use the digigrade legs and "arm fins" on it, and he's wearing the female hair. Right now I'm trying to find a hairstyle that's long and has some nice big bangs on it (not bangs that make me look like some wannabe emo kid though) that won't clip through the backside of my body or get lost on the back fin. I also need to fix those arm bands so they aren't clipping through the arms, considering I want to have this "buff yet sleek" appearance...

    If I wanted to run around as some big old hulking mass on steroids, I'd just roll a male orc on World of Warcraft :B

  6. Ariel Vuissent wrote:

    Trust me, Artie, most of us agree with you!

    I'm pretty sure a lot of people do, but fankly, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and most with a mindset like mine are a rather quiet bunch.

  7. Pamela Galli wrote:

    it is better. 

    But not to those with an overweening sense of entitlement. The world owes them whatever they can beg, borrow, or steal. Because they deserve it.

    So I am just a stupid sharkie with no real understanding of the "real world"... =/

    Lame joking aside, I just don't see the appeal of using/stealing another character from a movie, game, or book not only because of copyright issues, but also because in a place like Second Life, there's just no room for personal expression at all when you're using a character that truly isn't yours. I just don't see how anyone could be so uncreative in this sense that they resort to using an acting through another character in place where virtually anything is possible in an endless choices/endless consequences sort of way. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I see avatars on SL as a big chunk of who that person is, rather than a collection of pixels and codes... Seeing someone just rip off another established character is just saddening...

    But again, I'm just really stupid and don't see things like everyone else... In some form or another.


  8. I know this is going to sound really stupid and retarded; but isn't just easier (and better) to come up with your own concept and character as oppossed to having to be something that isn't of your own creation? It's easier to be yourself and it won't cause problems with copyright...

    Or am I just really stupid in thinking it's better to try and fumble with some form of originality as oppossed to being a a-hole and infringing on someone's work (or stealling it)?

  9. Hopefully nobody's going to get upset with my rather ugly avatar... Considering there's still a few things I want to fix, but haven't been able to find...


    I don't bite... very often.... Although those clipping armbands though...

  10. irihapeti wrote:

    about lost vehicles

    sometimes the vehicle goes off-world in extreme cases. When that happens then is gone forever. If have a no-copy vehicle (which is pretty rare these days) then never ever do a sim crossing on it

    most times the vehicle ends up on some parcel somewhere. When so then ends up back in your Lost and Found folder. Either by parcel auto-return. Or when auto-return off then by the parcel owner eventual logging in and returning it to you

    have personal fell off 100s of vehicles. Most times can find or get back. But sometimes nada never.

    It appears that the vehicle didn't cause any problems after I logged off and back onto the viewer. As long as there isn't some motorcycle floating in the air causing server lag on some parcel I went tumbling through, I'll be fine. =)

  11. So judging from what I've read so far, it appears that the issue is just simply the computer and servers having to transfer information between two locations with me zipping through boundaries too fast.

    It's common to have that problem when crossing a sim border.  When I am using a vehicle I find it helps to turn down graphics settings to the lowest level without going so far as to spoil your enjoyment of the scenery and to slow down and even pause for a few seconds before crossing.  My friend said it helps to do this because it allows the next region to load a little.  The longest journey I ever managed in a vehicle without needing a relog was a 78 sim journey and I paused before each crossing.  When we did long journeys together in a car or boat, my friend also recommended that I detach as many HUDs as possible and kept my clothing and attachments as simple as possible.

    Personally I think this is some pretty good advice for some people, such as myself, given how I have a hard time controlling knee-jerk reactions and forgetting that Second Life isn't like World of Warcraft (in which a zone on a continent can load with little or no problems as you fly or travel between them) and that I need to pause. Luckily most of the attachements I have on my main avatar are fairly simple, so I shouldn't have to worry too much about being a lag fest as I travel.

  12. So I bought this really nice motorcyle on the marketplace. It's really cool too, and frankly I thought it was a good price for the item. Works fine too... But the issue here isn't about the vehicle itself, it's about a glitch I encountered when traveling through some locations. Apparently I must of entered another sim or something while I was riding the vehicle down the road and all of the sudden my avatar and the vehicle went flying over a whole bunch of space, and then my avatar was sent flying alone without the cycle for a while before I was returned to the original spot where I first got sent flying... But the motorcycle didn't respawn with me and I couldn't move properly without closing out the viewer and coming back on again.

    Look, I understand that sharks shouldn't drive motorcycles or something like that, but my conern here is that 1) since the vehicle went flying, it could have the possibility of being left in the sim or not, 2) I wonder if my computer and viewer are running properly since I should have hade some smooth transitions between the parcels. I just hope I won't get into trouble because there's a vehicle left in the area causing a lot of lag.

    This is both funny yet at the same time a bit worrying for me...

  13. Ren Toxx wrote:

    ArtieMacnar wrote: [...] 
    What do I need to do in order to not make myself a burden on the community?

    If you go too far with that kind of thinking, know that the only sure way to avoid being such a burden is to 
    the community altogether. Because someone, somewhere, will 
    have a problem with something about who you are, what you do and/or what you say.

    In other words: understand that there will always be complainers, drama queens and prissy people, and there's no way you'll be able to please them all. Therefore, don't feel too bound by others' expectations and, as a previous answer said, be yourself. If nothing else, you'll feel more free this way.

    This is true. It's just that I tend to worry because of the fact that I'm very open-ended on a variety of things. I'm involved a large variety of fandoms, interests, and topics, and for some people, that's just too much to handle.

    Perhaps what I should do is try to find some others with my similar interests, but I really don't know where to begin since SL is such a large and diverse collection of communities.

  14. bbnny8 wrote:

    You should try joining the roleplay sims. Roleplaying can be really fun and it's a great way to meet people. 

    That's what I was thinking of doing. I know for a fact that I belong in the "furry camp" of things, so there's plenty of options out there for roleplay.

    My big concern though is finding the right areas with a decent amount of activity and a crowd that tends to be rather laid back about things.

  15. So let me just start off saying that I am "new", but at the same time, I'm not really "new".

    I've been familiar with Second Life for well over a few years now, but I've always found it to be incredibly overwhelming to get involved with the SL community and try to make the most of what this thing can offer.

    I have no real friends who to ask and talk to about using Second Life. I just really don't know where to begin in terms of working, playing, and interacting with people. Sure, I know how to move around in the world, travel to locations, and all of that technical stuff, but trying to get stuff out of the system? I'm lost.

    Where do I begin to talk and meet with people? How do I present myself? What do I need to do in order to not make myself a burden on the community?

    If people can help me out, I'll appreciate it.

  16. I'm quite sorry I didn't respond to the post sooner, given what has happened this past week making me forget about SL. =P

    I think the overall creation of models won't be that difficult of a task to accomplish, given that I'm just mostly concerned about the scaling and how to package the items.

    But I'll see about this whole changing of the title thing to get some more feedback... Because I just don't want to create furniture and buildings that are way out of scale for people to use.

  17. So, as a student of animation with a copy of Maya, I want to know a few things about what I need to do before I go crazy and start creating things for second life (especially at this moment, buildings and structures). The things I want to know are:

    - What is the exact size and scale of things in SL that I need to input into Maya? As in, how big is a maya unit compared to a unit in SL?

    - I tend to do a lot of work in quads as oppossed to triangles, so just about how low-poly would I need to make say, a house or a piece of a building?

    - Is it better for fairly large structures (for example, let's say I want to build a castle, a high-tech fortress, or a shopping mall) as "pieces", or to make a basic shape of the structure and then add the details into it?

    - Will I have to create UV maps, or are textures able to be applied directly to the shapes?

    - How should I set up my maya workflow?

    If anyone can help me out, it will be appreciated!

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